What am I doing here?
November 3, 2008, 04:28
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Did you hear the one about the guy who tried  to start a church?  Some times I feel like a  punchline.  I am setting up this blog to find kindred spirits or at least kind read spirits with whom to share the joys and woes of working for God.  It would be nice to get advice and encouragement from afar.  Or aclose.  I’ll take it any way I can get it.  Here’s the sit rep.

God called me into the ministry in 1977.  Being the fool sinner I am, I told Him No way.  This was not my brightest moment.  The Creator of all communicated with me in a real way and I got in a fight with Him.  I told Him I did not like churches, could not stand preachers, thought church members were hypocrites and lame brains.  There I was at Wilkes College down by the river bank, watching the Susquehanna go by, yelling at God.  I am not even Pentecostal.  Yep I won that fight, Showed Him who the captain of this ship is.  I’ll sing for you, I’ll preach here and there, but shepherd   that flock of yours?  No way.  Did I say I am a pastor?  I still find fault with churches, in fact they rally tick me off [mine included].  I get along with a couple of preachers, but the line up on TBN mostly bring out the worst of my thoughts.  I still think churches are full of hypocrites and lame brains but now that they have made me head lame brain I feel better.   We are working on the whole hypocrisy thing. We are full of them, but have room for a few more.

The bigest difference between then and now is that i love these people.  So varied, so diverse in age, race, back ground, education, at various levels with their walk with God, I love these people.

So here I am.  That’s me, next post is the church.

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Hi Will,
I just checked out your blog. I am glad you’ve got this outlet and is also a way for others to reach out to you. Will you pray and ask others to pray that Lee stop smoking?


Comment by Maria

I just wanted to drop you a line of encouragement. I enjoy reading your blog and the comments you leave over at iMonk as well as at my blog. Keep the faith and fight the good fight.

Comment by jeofurry

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