What kind of place is this? Part 2: The Middle Kingdom.
November 3, 2008, 22:28
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Not long ago and not far away, my Pastor, Tom was running out of church every other week, to go preach at Wyoming Valley Baptist.  God had put it on his heart not to let the doors shut.  As a bi-vocational pastor, he does something at a Nuke plant, the flock would want to visit  with him after services, but he would fly on a twenty minute ride to preach to the “faithful few” ,all three of them, at WVB.  The weeks he was not there Walt, a very good bible preacher was.

The solution was to send me.  When I started preaching there  my girls’ idea was to just to invite all three of them up for breakfast and preach over desert.  [Baptists have desert even at breakfast, it is a hobbity thing]  It was not a bad idea, I am a great breakfast cook and only a fair preacher, but that is just not How Things Are Done,  so preach away!   My wife is a very good piano player so they could have had the traditional 2 for 1, but the remnant had there own talent pool.   Now I did not marry my wife for her piano playing.  I married her because she was, and to me still is, the hottest woman in the world.  Any way I was now a preacher.  The remnant liked that.  I don’t think they liked pastors.. Pastors have some authority.  Preachers were fine, you see them on Sunday they educate/entertain and move on.  And do not forget the altar call, visitors or not, it is not church without 1. Alter call, 2.Doxology, 3.Prayer request/Testimony, 4.Plate passing, 5.Traditional hymns, 6.Message, 7.Cupcakes.

The 7 essentials were fine with me as I was just the preacher, and hey,  they gave me $50.00.      So I preached and they were happy.   Some people returned to the church some new folk showed up.  My family my and I were miserable.  We were disconnected from two churches, as every other week left us out of the loop.  Also there were control issues.  The three remnants were 1 family.  Husband, wife, husband’s mom.   He was the Deacon, she was the Boss.  This went on until the church grew enough to call a real pastor.  The same people using the same methods that had failed so many times before went on a pastor hunt.

As happened many times before, they loved this guy, …at first.  As the honey moon turned to civil war the pastor got me to join.  I then was involved in a painful process that saw another pastor down the road and the church reduced to about 10 people. ” Could you come preach for us? ” AgAIN?       but now I was a member.       read, ” What kind of place is this”, Part 3  The Great Flood[s]

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Ouch, I have been at a parish like that. They cannot see the destruction they bring on themselves, but they clearly see the mote in the pastor’s eye.

Comment by Fr. Ernesto Obregón

It seems to me that what may be missing is the church that Andrew, Peter, James, James and John started one day. They had a mission just like you do.
I’ve been asked to be involved in a group who is considering a new church plant. My wife, bless her little pea pickin heart, asked a question that brought me to a standstill. “What do we need another church here for? Don’t we have enough?”

I see her point. What we don’t have enough of is believers, not churches.

Blessings on your new blog and your new church.

Comment by Jerald

jerald, the experts tell me evangelism succeeds in new works. I understand your wife’s comment. In our area there are manyfailing churches, but like an old building, sometimes it is just easier to start over. Churches end up with a tribal mentality. “That is just the way we do it”, It is hard to effect change or affect attitudes.Cultures change and churches don’t, so churches have closed historicaly. Follow the Spirit!

Comment by willohroots

Hey there brother, I have you added as a link on my site. God bless and lets call em all back to the truth of the Gospel!!!

Jeremy Strang

Comment by Jeremy Strang

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