anger management, bad words
January 2, 2009, 20:44
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I think I said those words a few years ago when an unrepentant sinner decided Sunday at 11:27 am was the perfect time to start up his chainsaw and cut down the tree on church property that his cousin’s neighbor’s friend’s uncle once told him he could have. I’m pretty sure I said just those words as I left the pulpit, honestly the rest of the memory is diffused in a red haze. I believe I discussed rapid tool storage and the anatomy of man, with an emphasis on the physical ramifications of sin with the would be lumberjack.  By the grace of God I did not touch him.
As I remember the topic of the sermon was, “Self control when Tempted.”

I am not the man I was before Christ and the quickening of the Holy Spirit, but I am in the same flesh, and there are some things that take me back to quickly.  Recently I felt my daughter’s safety and mental well being threatened, and I really wanted to handle it in the physical.   By the grace of god we got out of there with out physicality.

One of my brothers at church had it worse as his daughters babydaddy    threatened violence.  The whole deal ended in a drive by shooting, and by the grace of God Mr. Wannabe gangsta is a guest of the county.  Also by the grace of God my brother did not revert to the old days and just take the dude out.  

By tge grace of God.  Some of us really mean it when we say it.


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