Who are my brothers in Christ?
January 3, 2009, 00:00
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Just how close in doctrine do you have to be to be my brother?   Seriously,  what do you have to believe in before I get the creeps and wish to avoid you like the creeping crud.  I am doing a study on it now.  A lot of people I used to accept as brothers I am now in doubt about.  Is that terrible?  

Recently I have seen the awful effect of false doctrine.  I don’t mean a whoopsey in a sermon, I have said David instead of Daniel, and once asked the body to turn to 2nd Colossians.  Sorry.  No , I speak about what can only be described as Satan’s original line, “You too can be like God”. The TV preacher who says you can talk to cancer and sickness and tell it what to do.  Tougher than Paul that is for sure! Paul had to ask God to remove thorns in the flesh.  The worse part is God said ,”No!”  What good is that?  Better to do it yourself.

So that is the project, check you all later!


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I can’t imagine what you are going through in protecting your daughter… well, I may be able to imaging, but I don’t know (I have two young daughters). But I know the emotions would cloud my my judgment a tad, or rather a good bit.

I have also been accused of being too soft in determining who my brother is. While I don’t believe it grants anyone a license to do whatever, wherever, to whomever, it’s tough to say, even about an atheist or hardened criminal, he is not my brother (or she a sister).

That doesn’t mean we trust them with our children or give them free reign of the church.

Comment by Justin

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