Who is Not invited to Fellowship
January 19, 2009, 19:16
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There was good discussion here about who is a Christian,  and now it is time for the obverse.  Who would you not sit with in Christian fellowship.   I am not in anyway playing the “who is saved ” game.  Salvation is of God, and the role of Judge is His alone.  Let me put this in a setting that maybe less offensive, but still allow us to put a point across.  

We are all in a distant land on the mission field.  After a safe, productive year we are having a Thanksgiving feast.  We are going to thank God and have a good time in fellowship.  Who is not on your list of partisipants.  Who,  just by being there, would ruin the mood of Christian love and brotherhood for you.   It is like we all are planning our guest list,  who is not on the list?  We don’t hate these people,  we just are not going to let them join the club because…..

Don’t be shy,  let us know, tell us why. 

It is my pool, I will dive in first.

  1. Todd Bently,  I will use youtube as my why.  Come on people!
  2. John Crowder , and anybody who “tokes the Ghost”.  I knew cannabis,  I know Jesus, if you don’t know the difference you don’t know nothin’.  No turkey for these turkeys!
  3. Anybody who belongs to a denomination that is assured I am going to hell for my denominational affiliation, and actually believes it.  If you don’t think I will be with you in heaven you can’t be with me at this dinner.  We are celebrating an eternal fellowship after all.  I love these guys anyway, I will send them a plate of  left overs, with gravy,  but no seat at the table.
  4. Anybody who ever held a sign that says “Jesus Hates Fags” or the like and has not repented.  Homosexuals need a Savior, so do you and I.  This includes anybody who ever protested a heroes funeral for any reason.  Not a drop of cranberry sauce. 
  5. Benny Hinn.  [Unless this guy could shout , “fire!” at the stuffed, cooked, bird before us and have it fly away.]  How much damage to the Word can one guy do? 
  6. Anybody who says that the Bible meant something a long time ago, but it means something completely different now.  We have no common ground for dinner conversation.  I have a guide book and compass,  you have suggestion list.  I’ll save you a wing.
  7. David Cloud.  He wouldn’t come anyway.  This man is more sure of being right and inerrant in his hermeneutics than any Pope or council of bishops has ever been.  It was his separatist,  super holy group that was the monster that ate my friend Frank,  ruined Frank’s marriage , killed his two churches, and convinced a good man he was not even saved.  He was told to keep serving communion, however, as he was probably most closest to saved of anyone in North East Pa.   I got a score to settle.  Not good dinner company.   No soup for you!  You very, very bad man! 

Well that is my list.  It is my party, I can invite who I wish.  I have no idea of the state of their souls,  I am judging their company.  Will you join me now in saying Grace?

Dear Almighty Father,  bless our fellowship and strengthen our souls with Your Spirit as this food feeds our bodies.  Give me your love, as I have trouble loving the uninvited, even though I know I should.  Shape me closer to Jesus who loved us all.  Help those at this table get a good true message out to the world.  In Jesus name we pray, amen.

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Myself. That guy can go take a hike…

Comment by Justin

Well this is not working, so far. Justin, I am trying not to be holier than thou, but to show that some people under the sign of the cross are really bad witnesses.
“But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat.”
That is where I am coming from, come on back to the table Justin. Pass the peace, ahh, peas.

Comment by willohroots

On the one hand, I know exactly what you meant and I offered up my choice as a “really bad witness”. In all seriousness, of those six characteristics, I might be qualified under five; and since only one is needed to send me home…

On the other hand, I understand Paul to have meant unrepentant types already claiming to be in Christ, and our reasoning behind desiring fellowship with such people and giving them power and authority over the sheep. I think Paul’s aim is squarely at leaders or those who seek leadership and power.

I don’t know… I struggle with Jesus’ eating with sinners and Paul’s “expel the immoral brother”, while not trying to pit Jesus against Paul in some false dichotomy/celebrity death match. Jesus was very, very hard on the “church leadership” of his day, as I believe was Paul. Repentance and humility–rather lack thereof–is what the issue is, I believe, especially regarding those with authority or seeking it within the Body.

I am kinda hungry… even for a plate of peas. Where’s the kid’s table?

Comment by Justin

Couple of thoughts here.

I would include Benny Hinn. I have friends who know his extended family quite well and speak highly of him. That being said, I would want to ask him “Person X speaks highly of you, but persons Y & Z have significant concerns about your ministry. What do you have to say to these people?”

Also not sure what you meant by the changing meaning of the Bible. Could you elaborate and give an example?

Comment by Eclectic Christian

I could not trust his answer. Here is one site of many that have watched this man amass a fortune leaving hundreds in his wake. http://archives.wittenburgdoor.com/archives/theheretic.html
I am not judging his soul, but his ministry needs looked at with an objective eye.
The comment about changing meaning of the Bible:
the biblical attitude about adultery, marriage, homosexuality , are still valid today. While the Law had a special meaning for the nation of Israel that does not apply to us today, as in the Old Testament land divisions etc, the letters of the Apostles and the Gospel are still relevant to are lives. Saying “all bets are off. anything goes!” is just not acceptable. Ordaining a gay bishop, even if he is a real nice guy, takes you right off the post and makes you biblically AWOL.
Lets sit down and talk to Benny before supper, I too would like to ask him a couple of questions, but his seat is not reserved.

Comment by willohroots

I’m guessing that Joel Osteen isn’t on your list either? Just gathered that from your comment on my blog – lol. Waiting for the invite… God bless,

Comment by gracedependent

Mark you are invited, so believe it or not is Joel, but he has to sit at the kiddie table till he grows some theology. Our conversation would be over his head, I am afraid. He would be quite helpful motivating all of us to clean up afterward, he is a great motivational speaker. he gets to come, sit at the kiddie table, but I do not know if he can handle the meat….

Comment by willohroots

First, thank you for your kind comment on my blog.
Your take on Joel Osteen was so spot on, yet kind enough and clever enough to make me laugh loud enough to startle the cats. Poor Joel’s heart is in the right place. I hope he gets a chance to grow into his ministry.

One person I would want there and close enough to speak with is David Ring. He’s the most amazing evangelists I’ve ever heard speak.

No seat for Rod Parsley though. It’s not that he doesn’t do some very good works, but that he’s started believing his own hype.

All the people who sit and nod in agreement with every word out of the Pastor’s mouth and then decide none of it applies to them can eat, but they have to do it in the kitchen, and they get no cool whip for their pie.

I would love it if the Paul were there, but not too close, since I’m pretty sure I don’t measure up.

Comment by Shawn W

Well, here are the people that would ruin it for me:

1. Anyone who looks at you sideways when you mention that you think there are other things that should inform your vote besides just abortion and homosexuality.

2. Most people from the denomination I grew up in: the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches (GARBC). Don’t know why? Google it.

3. Folks who claim that the evangelical church model in America should either have EVERYTHING in common with a business model or NOTHING in common with a business model.

4. People who equate personal convictions with biblical mandates/prohibitions. Example: “The Bible says to be separate from the world, so we should never… (fill in the blank).”

5. Christian radio DJs. If I hear one more reason why any and all music that I or my family listens to should be “positive” and/or “encouraging”, I’m gonna scream profanities in my car.

6. Mark Driscoll, believe it or not. Really, Mark? You have to call them “fags”, do you? And with Mark, just about any arrogant and disaffected Christian pundit: Dobson, Robertson, etc. Think about it: who’s gonna crack open a halftime beer if Dobson keeps talking about the good ol’ days of the moral majority?

7. Anyone under the age of 30 who thinks that the historical church should be deconstructed and then reconstructed in their own cultural image and according to their own personal preference.

8. Anyone over the age of 60 who thinks that the church should have been frozen and preserved the way it was back in the (fill in the decade).

9. This guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47cHJR_IABw&eurl=http://unifreethought.blogspot.com/search/label/Tyler%20Vincent

10. Lol… and after I realize that my list is now 9 people long, let me remove my judgmental intolerant a$$ as well.

Comment by Jesse Tink

I will see if David Ring is available for virtual dinner. I agree, there will NO PARSLEY at the table, a little cilantro will dress the plate.
I have a lot of people who nod when I preach, but most of them are nodding off. Does that count?
As I read Paul, I don’t think Paul thought he measured up either, how could we with Christ as our measuring stick! Thanks for “Getting it”!

Comment by willohroots

Hi. I navigated here from the IMonk site. I first encountered David Cloud’s website near the beginning of the depression I described in my last IMonk comment. Let me say that Cloud’s site was, um, less than helpful.

Comment by Dave

Dave ,welcome. Cloud’s site is not a hospital for the hurting heart. stop back, I have a posting coming up myself on my struggles with depression.
I would love your opinion.

Comment by willohroots

Jesse Tink,
The local GARBC churches around here put a lot of starch in their shorts. I googled up local affiliates, I know a lot of them and they are hotbeds for legalism. Baptists like them made me change the name of the church. Honest.
I love your list. I missed driscol’s fag thing.
My reason for his non-inclusion is the table shape, I am going for round, no head of the table, and I think Mark would rather be at the head.
Can’t we invite #9,? I would ask him to say grace, “Father we who pisseth ask your blessing….” It would be a hoot!
In the video I hope he is preaching to an empty room. If it wasn’t for this sermon, I’ll bet it was for the next! Thanks Jesse, shalom.

Comment by willohroots

Jesse’s #9 was disturbing enough I had to quit watching. Did he ever make a point or was he just enjoying being vulgar?

Comment by Shawn W

Shawn W. The unfortunate truth seems to be, that this man, thinks he is on the side of God and that you and I , because we get offended at some point, are less willing to hear the ?Gospel than he is to preach it. Language changes over time, embracing a 1611 translation is not a sign of godliness, embracing God, who teaches first not to offend, is.
Shawn W. His point was “be like me” I think.

Comment by willohroots

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