Baby Jessica, Will you pray for her?
February 1, 2009, 08:30
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This is one of the struggles in our church, Dayspring Bible Chapel.  Please read this and support us with prayer. Thank you

Patty said 6 hours ago:

We do need your prayers. Baby Jessica was born on April 21,2008 weighing 5lbs 7ozs and perfectly healthy. On August 5th, almost 4 months into her young life she was life flighted to Hershey Medical Center. She was near death with her eyes sunken, her abdomen sunken and her soft spot on her head sunken. She was in renal failure and her liver was shutting down. She was bagged for urine and there wasn’t a drop. Jessica had no tears when she cried. She was ashen gray and lethargic. Her weight was just 6lbs 13ozs, not even a pound and a half since her birth almost 4 months ago. Little Jessica’s condition was the result of being starved by her birth parents. As our Jessica laid in the arms of angels the doctors worked feverishly to save her life. She responded immediately to being hydrated. Her kidney’s started working again and the rest of her body was coming back to life. She is a miracle of God. She started to eat with no difficulty at all and gained almost 2 pounds in 5 days at the hospital. Children and Youth were called in. They contacted us to see if we would take Jessica when she got out of the hospital so she wouldn’t have to go in to foster care. Jessica’s mother is my husband’s sister who has had her other two children, now 6 and 8 years old, taken off of her 4 years ago.
Jessica came home to us on August 15th. She was so tiny and frail. She is the most lovable sweet baby. She gained another 3 pounds in the first 6 days we had her. She is doing wonderful now and is perfectly healthy again, praise God! Jessica’s case was handed over to the District Attorney, but charges have not been filed as of yet. I have found out that Children and Youth may not have gotten needed medical records for the DA to prosecute and the charges may be dropped. My husband and I went to Hershey ourselves and got the records and are presenting a package to the DA on Monday 2-2-09, with the records, pictures and a letter to explain to the DA why justice needs to be done for Jessica. Children and Youth are planning to put Jessica back into the home of the people that almost murdered her. Her birth mother is an alcoholic among other things, with a good size criminal record and had her other two children taken away from her. Her supposed birth father, has a very long criminal record that includes assault and battery (on a woman) terroristic threats, drugs and alcohol abuse. Jessica would be in grave danger if she were to go back with her birth parents. We are trying to get a lawyer for Jessica, pro bono. I have gone from full time to part time employment to take care of Jessica and we have 3 other kids at home to take care of. Money is tight, but God’s grace and blessings are incredible. There is a court hearing February 25th for the courts to give Jessica’s birth parents visitations. Right now we have to take Jessica every Tuesday for “parenting classes” with her birth parents as ordered by the court. These classes have proven to very traumatic to Jessica. She goes in screaming and comes out crying or she falls asleep crying. But Children and Youth claim these classes go “wonderful” I have learned this is an organization that only cares about parent’s rights not the child. When we got Jessica most of her hair was gone from her pulling it in anguish when she was being starved, and she also would not sit in a car seat without screaming. Since we have had her she has stopped pulling her hair and she goes in the car seat. Since these parenting classes, though, she is pulling her hair again and is crying in the car seat again. She was very friendly to strangers and now she just buries her head in my shoulder and won’t go to anyone without crying. She is being made to suffer again by being made to be with the people who wouldn’t feed her. Please pray first of all that the DA presses charges very soon and they are convicted. Please also pray that Jessica will never have to go back with her birth parents again, unless they have changed their life style of drugs and alcohol and abuse. We dedicated little Jessica last Sunday. It is all in God’s hands. We pray for wisdom for us to do what needs to be done to help Jessica get justice and for her to be able to live in a safe loving, godly home the rest of her life.

Willoh… Jessica was Daysspring’s first baby dedication.  Please pray for protection for Jessica,  strength for Patti and Bob, and that the justice system will protect this beautiful  little baby. 


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We will be praying for Jessica and the family. I will put her name on our prayer chain. May God hold her tightly to his chest and wrap her with his loving and secure arms. Amen.

Comment by godw1nz

Thank you, Shalom.

Comment by willohroots

Thank you so much!

Comment by Patty

Of course, I will pray for her!

Comment by Shawn W

I prayed for Jessica and her family tonight as well.

Comment by Eclectic Christian

Praying for Jessica, Patty & Bob!

Comment by AmyG

Thank you all so much for your prayers! God is indeed present and in control. I went to the District Attorney’s office this morning with a binder I put together. This binder had a very detailed letter of Jessica’s suffering, the history of her birth parents, and much more heartfelt concerns for justice for this sweet baby. I also put the medical records along with the lab reports which prove without any doubt that this once healthy baby was hours from death due to being starved. There was also pictures of Jessica when we got her (she looked so tiny and sick) and how she looked just 7 weeks later when she over doubled her weight and was happy and getting healthy again. I was able to meet with the DA’s personal secretary and give her the binder and tell her Jessica’s story. She was horrified and said she would get it to the DA immediately. I contacted Children and Youth last week to let them know I went and got the needed medical records the DA asked them for months ago. They did not return my call until today. They finally got the records and realized that Jessica was indeed almost murdered in a horrible way. I will sleep better tonight knowing that the ball is finally rolling and God’s prayer warriors all over are lifting baby Jessica up. Thank you again and God bless you all. Please keep praying. I will keep you up to date on what happens. I love you all!!

Comment by Patty

Thanks for stopping by my adoption blog! I have and will pray for you in your battle!


Comment by bryanbishop

Very encouraging. Keep us updated, and know that we care.

Comment by Shawn W

Keep praying, it seems the powers that be have developed an interest in the case!! nothing official, but very hopeful.

Comment by willohroots

We want to thank everyone for your prayers. God is awesome and His presence is felt. Things are progressing. I will let everyone know when action is taken. I praise God for nudging me to contact the DA and His never ending comfort. I thank you Will for guiding me and all your wisdom and compassion. Please keep lifting Jessica and our family in prayer and also that the authorities will act with a clear mind and see the whole situation and know this angel cannot go back to her birth parents. Thank you again and I praise God for all of you, especially you Will!

Comment by Patty

“terroristic”? well, garsh durnit you just done made yourself up a new word! Guess you bible-thumping rednecks are good for something – entertaining use of the English language!!!

Comment by Amy

Patty and Bob know my thoughts and prayers are with you this wed .I wish that I could be there with you Patty.

Comment by patricia sylvia

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