SBC ANNOUNCEMENT [or alphabet soup]
February 3, 2009, 18:59
Filed under: Crazed Thought

The SBC announced through the NAMB that the BF&M will be available 24/7, am/pm/ , to the members of the NEPBA and other groups within the Pa./NJ  BCC .  Also the NASB and ESV will be available for ESL classes ASAP.

Also the SBC will ask the WMU and CBF to watch their P’s and Q’s .

Be advised the IMB states the GSEC in the GAP motivates the CPMS according to the ASR.

Most important the NAMB needs to seek the AWOL church member’s POV,  PDQ,  before they are SOL.


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Comment by Shawn W

surely only lonely

Comment by willohroots

ROTFLOL!!! I needed a laugh and you gave me a good one. The crazy thing is I can understand every last bit of that except the next to last sentence. Thank you brother.

Comment by jeofurry


Comment by graceshaker

jeofurry, you got all the SBC one, the secular ones went by you, explainations to follow.

Graceshaker. Thou shalt not take the Lord thy G’s initial in vain, or did I just make that up?

Comment by willohroots

omgwtcruok = oh my goodness! what the crap? are you ok?

Comment by graceshaker

Why did I not get this? *sits back scratching head*

Comment by trumpethope19

Ha! Trumpeter! most of this is an inside the Southern Baptist thingie. All those letters actually mean something to people who go to SBC meetings, it is a jargon , a language of it’s own. It is a test for how deep in you are. We will avoid this in the future.

Comment by willohroots

I just can’t believe you didn’t sneak the ACP in there somewhere. ‘Cause I know every year that someone from the DBC or the NBA will be checking to see if I have filled out my ACP. They need those numbers to give to NAMB and LW so that we can get CP support.
Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Comment by jeofurry

I got to fill out my ACP! thanks!
key to the last line, The North American Mission board needs to seek the Absent WithOut Leave church members Point Of View, Pretty Darn Quick, or they will be Sadly Out of Luck.

Comment by willohroots

Oh ok Willo. Thanks for filling me in (sorta) I’m clearly not baptist, nor do I go to their meetings.

Comment by trumpethope19

This actually pertains to another post. Why is Church Hard?
Because, it is run like a business with all the absurdity.
My life is a Dilbert cartoon and the church has bought into it.
More to come on other post.

Comment by Rob

Okay, for a recovering Baptist, that’s just dang funny.

Comment by Andy Wood

Andy Wood. I would be very interested to hear the story of your recovery, and what precipitated it.

Comment by willohroots

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