Cheery Thoughts for the February Blues
February 5, 2009, 23:19
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This time of year many of us struggle to keep a stiff upper lip,  or struggle to keep up, or just struggle.   The cold,  the short days,  slow economy,  bad news and lack of outdoor activity combine to drag even normally chipper people down.  Since some say you are what you think , here are some tasty bits of food for thought.

Never ever think, “oh it can’t get worse”. Never. 

The wisest man speaks not until he has completely thought out the, ah , ah, ah, you know, ah…..the thingie. 

Why do we pray so well when we’re bad,  pray good when we are poor, yet pray poorly when we have it good and pray badly when we are well? 

No matter how bad you have it, somebody thinks you have it better than they do.

Never say God does not care about you,  or God doesn’t care at all,  God cares about all, including what you say. 

When you get to the bottom of your pit,  be glad it is not a septic tank.

The male Praying Mantis mates once, then gets his head bit off, and you think you have lost your head over sex!

When life gives you lemons,  scurvey looks like a good option.

Count your many blessings,  they may be tax deductible.

There are times you will feel as useful and noticed as the first “r” in February.

Never give up, it ruins your opponents thrill of victory.

At the door of opportunity,  just when you think you got it knocked,  you learn you have to ring the bell instead.

All the stuff you learned in school was not useless,  it kept the teachers off the dole.

Never worry about money,  money can’t buy everything, even though everything costs money.

Don’t lose sleep over inflation,  unless you are in a life raft. 

Prayer is not about asking God for stuff,  prayer is stuffing yourself with God.

That’s all I got, I hope it helps.  This is as deep as my pool of wisdom runs.   Spring will be here soon,  the celebration of Resurrection, hang in there!

How do you cope with winter blues? willohroots.wordpress.com


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At least three of my blessings are tax-deductible. Thanks for the humor. I really like the “When you get to the bottom of your pit, be glad it is not a septic tank.” and “No matter how bad you have it, somebody thinks you have it better than they do.”
So true, so true.

Comment by jeofurry

i dont get blue in winter much. not anymore than any other time. but i live in west texas.

Comment by graceshaker

I am always blue in the winter. I dont know why. But thanks for this!

Comment by trumpethope19

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How do you cope with winter blues?

Umm… caffeine and beer. Oh, and time outside in the sun, when I can pull it off.

Comment by Justin

Justin, caffeine and beer, for the wide awake buzz! Good to hear from you!

Comment by willohroots

As my friend from West Texas knows (I live in East Texas) we really have the 4 season around here.
Christmas – When it gets cold. sometimes as low as the 40’s (really it gets colder especially in West Texas but it’s a big state). This last from December 21 to January 31 some years.
Spring – When the weather moderates and we only have daytime highs in the upper 90’s with 90% humidity. February 1 to April 15.
Summer – It’s danged hot. It’s hot every day. the weather guy on TV just plays the same recorded message every night. April 16 to October 15.
Thanksgiving – Again a break in the weather sometimes if it’s an especially coll Fall we will get highs in the 80’s and even down to the 60’s at night.

I love Christmas!

Comment by Rob

Yup, I’ve been feeling a little like the hydrant the past few days, and wondering if I’ll ever get to be the dog.

I beat the blues for a little while by playing my favorite Christian station, and letting the music carry me where it will. Many times it leads to tears, but they’re tears that needed to be shed.

Comment by Shawn W

“Cheery Thoughts for the February Blues” was not a cheery column at all. ‘Never ever think, “oh it can’t get worse”. Never.’ Really? For someone looking for words of comfort, that’s what your writer offers first?

Comment by Judy

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