Music, Do We Worship Wierdly?
February 13, 2009, 09:39
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Jeofurry  and some French guy were listing their favorite Hymns over at Jeofurry’s Jesus Journey.  I would like to sing with them, I guess I know 18 out of 20 of those beautiful songs. Putting on a harmony to one of the old hymns of the faith is a worshipful experience .  It got me thinking about our play-list and the fact that Dayspring Bible Chapel plays some really odd music, for a church.    We never planned it, our list just grew as we found something.  Here is a portion of our play-list, done with 2 guitars, two female singers, an organ, drums, and me singing back up.

  • You got to serve somebody,  Bob Dylan
  • Jesus is the answer,     Jesse Dixon
  • Why me Lord,    Kris Kristofferson
  • Jesus on the Mainline,   traditional
  • Testify,            Me!   [what a blessing to here people sing my song!]
  • Put your hand in the Hand ,  Gene MacLellan
  • Rock my Soul,   Peter Yarrow arrangement
  • Oh Happy Day,     our own arrangement based on Ladysmith Black Mambazo
  • Angel Band,    the Stanley Brothers
  • People get ready ,  Curtis Mayfeild
  • I’m using my bible for a road map ,  Don Wayne Reno

We are working on a Van Morrison song now.  These songs are in the mix with some golden oldies and some contemporary Christian music.  We do not do endless repitition or songs that seem to thin.   Here are some contemporary title we do that you may know.

  • All in all
  • Trading my sorrows
  • God of Wonder
  • He is Jehovah
  • All because of Jesus
  • Forever
  • Sing
  • In Christ alone
  • Cry out to Jesus
  • He reigns

We have a gig at a coffee house near the church, pray the gospel message  is uplifted.   So what do you think?  Any suggestions?  Comments?  How wierd are we?


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My initial comment is… who cares? If your group is encouraged and edified in their walk with God, if God is glorified, and if your testimony to others is pointing to Jesus… it seems like that’s all that matters. What do you think, what does your group think?

Comment by Justin

We are a bit of odd group and we know it. I like your attitude. we are listed in the yellow pages as SBC and are near the highway. we have got some interesting looks, but no complaints. I like eclectic,
God looks at the heart, ours is full of worship.

Comment by willohroots

A heart full of worship is a wonderful thing, no matter what songs are sung.

Comment by Eclectic Christian

I expect no less a comment from his Eclecticness. As I wrote this I thought E. C. will find this normal.

Comment by willohroots

I don’t know if you have ever tried it, but the song Amazing Grace can be put to a lot of different melodies. We used to do a deal when I was younger where we would sing it to the tune of the Gilligan’s Island theme and the tune of the “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” and Peaceful, Easy Feeling by the Eagles. The last one is the most fun, because you can include the chorus from the Eagles song after the verses and it sounds like it belongs there.
I say, enjoy it and praise the Lord.

Comment by jeofurry

While I am sorely tempted to try Peaceful Easy Felling, are you sure that tampering with The Baptist National Anthem is allowable? I smelled sulfur as i read your comment! Now some sort of Gilligan’s Grace is echoing in my mind…Argh!
IT IS NOT EASY! Thank you for your surely blasphemous suggestion. Say hello to Frenchie.

Comment by willohroots

I think it is safe. We did it for Campers On Mission and no one tried to stone us or burn us at the stake.

Comment by jeofurry

were either stones or wood available? By the way, that is not easy! Singing words to one song to the tune of another, quite the brain tease.

Comment by willohroots

I am not sure about stones, but there was plenty of wood and fires around. They didn’t even sentence us to labor in the SBC disaster relief trailer or anything. We did it somewhat tongue-in-cheek as part of our worship time with the group at a national Campers On Mission rally.
And really, once you get the melody started, the words are easy to plug in. I could make an mp3 of it and send it to you.

Comment by jeofurry

I think an electic music selection is great. I’d personally like to see more non-traditional song at my church. I’m thinking of talking to my Music Minister about the choir doing a slightly rejiggered version of Springsteen’s “The Rising” around Easter.

Comment by jdantzlerw

I love your music choices!

The church we’re visiting sings a lot of contemporary Christian music, which I love, because they speak to my heart and touch it so.

Comment by Shawn W

J, let there be no confusion on who “the boss”is!
I am goinging to give that a re-hear, and see if I can predict your rejiggering!

Comment by willohroots

Shawn, How much music per church meeting? How many songs? How long does each song Go? Inquiring minds want to know!

Comment by willohroots

some of my favorite hymns include songs by u2 lifehouse coldplay and our lady peace. great post willoh!

Comment by graceshaker

I detest most CCM but I like your choices.
Especially, People Get Ready. Great soul song.
Regardless, it all kind of falls under the heading of “God probably doesn’t care” so bless your pea pickin’ heart and sing away!

Comment by Rob

This sounds like a fun idea. I think several people in my church would love to do something like this. Our pastor may approve of a music list like this, but I doubt he’d ever join in. We can tell when he picks the songs (which are always from the 1970’s) and the worship leader picks his own (which are contemporary).

Although, it does sound like fun.

Comment by Rich

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