Do we make the Truth Accessible?
March 2, 2009, 22:00
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CMA church in Flood

CMA church in Flood

Here is a shot of a Church building in my area during the 06 weird weather mini flood.  /source flickr.com/photos/lisamulvey/340821980/

The sign on the church says,”The Bible’s treasures are for those who dig for them.”   It doesn’t mention swim to them.  This photo really shows how many of our churches are viewed by outsiders.  Even if you thought there was something of value to be had within, are you going to wade through the muck to get there?  Churches can be seen as little islands with a crew of castaways cut off from the mainland of society.  If you had the guts, or foolishness to wade to the door, would you find it barricaded with plywood, do you need to pry your way into church? 

That water is the wonderful Susquehanna river swelling out of it’s banks. This seems to happen once in a while; our church floods to the point of boat tours of the basement and parking lot on occasion.  Flood waters recede,  mud cleans up, but this image sticks in my mind.  Thirty years ago I was a believer, but unchurched.   I had to wade through a lot to get into some churches.  The natives know the drill.  When to stand, where to sit, who is friendly,  and they know the words to the music and when to laugh at the preacher’s attempts at humor.  Breaking into the cast away tribe is not easy.  It must be done on their terms, their schedules. Not everybody has the ability to get to the island unassisted. 

Every member must be a landing craft.  We can’t just invite people to come to church,  the river is daunting.  We must pick them up, or meet them on their dry land, and escort them inside, introducing them to the ways of our particular tribe.  Next time you ask someone, “Why don’t you come to our church?’  have this picture in mind.  It is in theirs.  Take them for a ride in your boat first for a while, them pull up on the shore gently.  Take them to church before services, like on a Saturday.  Let them get used to the lay of the land of the island before all the scary natives show up.  Even friendly natives are frightening when there are more of them then there are of you.



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You bring up a good point, one I honestly hadn’t thought of, and promted me to send an email.

Comment by Shawn W


Excellent thoughts. I hadn’t thought about the church being viewed like that.

We get so few visitors anymore, I almost forgot about them.

Comment by theoldadam

Brilliant – simply brilliant.

Comment by Rev Andy Little

seems to me the church would be a group of survivors in a boat goin around rescuing others.

Comment by graceshaker

Amen Graceshaker, seems that way to me too.
Theoldadam, I took my family to visit a Lutheran church once. My girls were hillbilly baptist all their lives. It was as if they went into a different dimension! All our churches have a culture, and going from a low level of liturgy into what CS Lewis called a High church is quite a step out. My first time in a Catholic church was a case of culture shock in extremis, it was still in Latin.
Stop by our church, see how you feel when we first get out the rattlesnakes.[JOKE}
You don’t get visitors because you are an Island! thanks for making my point.

Comment by willohroots


They really are very different aren’t they?

I’ve been a Lutheran for 12 years now and I’m still having a hard time to the pastor setting his beer beside the pulpit…during the sermon.

Comment by theoldadam

Beer in the pulpit! Most Baptists know alcohol should be served in a tea cup, in a closet, after dark, with all the blinds pulled down, out of a bottle wrapped in a paper bag. I am glad I am not most baptists.

Comment by willohroots

Can I have permission to use some of your thoughts here in a sermon? I’ll even give you credit.

Comment by Rev Andy Little

Andy, let us have a mutual borrowing agreement from each others sites. I would like that. Just please do not take any of my comments to theoldadam, he is Lutheran, and brings out my evil old self. [ that’s why the name , the old Adam]

Comment by willohroots

Thanks so much for your kind comment. I have received nothing but love in response to sharing my testimony. Perhaps God is trying to say something.

Comment by Ian

Willis, that sounds good. Of course, I think I’m getting the better end of the bargain but, if you haven’t noticed, who am I to say.

Comment by Rev Andy Little

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