I was RIGHT!, so what.
March 6, 2009, 16:27
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pluto1   This is one of my favorite t-shirts from the nice folk at Mental Floss. http://www.mentalfloss.com

Mental Floss makes my family’s favorite board game creatively entitled, “Mental Floss”.  We like it better than Trivial Pursuit, a game my family refuses to play with me unless they get to ask sports questions. Always, exclusively, sports questions, and I do not know any answers to that subject.  I have learned that by saying “Ty Cobb” [ I do not know who that is] I get one right once in a while and really frustrate them.  I excel at trivia because I have always been a reader.  I was sick a lot as a kid, hence the lack of sports knowledge, and amused myself in the pre-video game, three channel days by reading. 

So I ended up knowing a lot.  My dad called me a  “walking  encyclopedia of useless information”.  My eclectic self education  made me stick out in class at school, not as far as I stuck out in gym, [Never ask a gym teacher for a set of written rules for basketball or baseball], teachers loved me or hated me.  I was that kid you hated in geography who had read every issue of National Geographic from 1920 on.  I was the one in social studies who new about the Hottentots,  the one in English Lit. who enjoyed Beowulf. 

Having knowledge without wisdom or even maturity is like having a full tank of gas in a sail boat, nice to have but of no earthly use.  I argued with anybody that would listen that Pluto was not a planet.  In my far less than humble opinion, Pluto just didn’t have the chops, it was a wandering ice ball.  And now after all these years, I have been proven right!  So what.  I value “being right” less than I once did.  There was a time in my life I would rather be ‘right than relational’.  That is a psych term that means someone  will burn their  friendship with you before backing  down on something when convicted of an issue.

I should not feel too bad about this, it seems it is the Christian way.  Pick an issue,  infant baptism,  divorce,  tongues,  authority of the local church, Calvinism or the color to paint the lobby.  Christians divide.  So when we stand before the Great White Throne and Jesus Himself says,”I gave you two rules, love God , love each other, how do you think you did?”  we will be able to answer,  ” Lord, I never baptised anybody under five, I never remarried a divorced person,  I pray in English, nobody told my church what to do, Once Saved Always Saved, and the lobby is a pleasing peach, although we had to throw Sister Emma out of the church over that one.”  Do you think it will matter at that point?  Are those answers to His questions? 

I have fought over many things.  I always said in school there are 6 continents.  Europe and Asia are one continent and Genghis Khan proved it.   I have fought for what I thought was right in church.  Biblio-idolatry and legalism are not Christianity.  Christ proved it.  But now I am getting to an age, or stage where I would rather be relational than right.  There are still some things I will hang onto,  the pillars of the faith, but there are more and more issues that even if I will not agree with you, I will smile, nod and do my best to love you. 

Being right matters less these days.  Seven continents, six continents, who cares.  Nine planets, eight planets, I still need to do my laundry on Monday.  There will be rewards in heaven,  crowns I am told.  I doubt we will earn them by the correctness of our positions.  I will bet I’m right.


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The more I read your blog, the more I see how much we’re alike. I’ve been oft to say I’m a “font of useless knowledge.” As a child, I would sit for hours in my parents’ living room and just read through their World Book Encyclopedias. I used to wallpaper my room as a kid with the maps from all the National Geographics.

What thing that I’ve personally been struggling with more and more as I blog is what you’ve posted here. I’ve had to look at my own walk and myself in a mirror and at times, I’ve not liked what I see.

I do believe we need to hold to the truth, we need to speak it in love. But that’s just the rub, isn’t it? Instead of focusing on being right, we should focus on speaking the truth in love. If we do that, we worry less about being right and focus more on the other person we are trying to share the truth of God’s love to.

Thanks for this post!

Comment by Joe

Joe, I had the maps up too! The Amish near us here in Pa. say,”Too soon oldt, too late schmart!” Thanks for being here.

Comment by willohroots

The one question that we’d better get right is “what have you done with my Son?”

Pass/fail…no curve.

Comment by theoldadam

Seems those of us who spent our youth reading all have a common trait. I tell people my head is full of useless facts.

It’s nice that growing older has mellowed that need to be right. It was exhausting.

Comment by Shawn W

Well said.

Comment by shealyisnottheantichrist

I can relate in so many ways,except the sports. I never played them much, but I loved to watch them. I was the kid who never got picked for a team, so I volunteered to be the official. I know, it was geeky and dumb, but it worked. Fortunately, I too have mellowed with age and each passing year takes a little more of the shine away from “being right.”

Comment by jeofurry

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