He Leadeth Me, Oh Distressing Thought!
May 26, 2009, 16:14
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P1010019Yeah, I know where you want to lead me is a great place.  I know I will enjoy being there.  You have my best interests at heart, and I even know you love me.  It’s just that being lead thing.  It is agaisnt my nature.   Something in the way I am built, the way my Creator put me together just rebels at the thoughtof being led. 

I strain against the leash no matter what the destination, for it I would rather be in charge, follow my own lights.  I do have a brain you know.  If You wanted to lead somebody arround you could have got a dog you know.

No Liberty at Liberty?
May 23, 2009, 10:19
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D-no-democrats               News out of Liberty,  No Democrat club on our Campus!!!

Liberty University spurns Democratic club

WASHINGTON – Liberty University will no longer recognize its campus Democratic Party club because its parent organization stands against the conservative Christian school’s moral principles.

The club, which has about 30 members, will no longer be able to use Liberty’s name, hold on-campus meetings, or be eligible for student activities money.

“I think it does the university a great disservice to stifle one side of the discussion simply because we are Democrats,” said Maria Childress, the club’s adviser and an administrative assistant at the school.

Brian Diaz, president of Liberty’s Democratic club, said he was informed of the school’s decision in a May 15 e-mail.

“The candidates supported are directly contrary to the mission of Liberty University,” the e-mail said.

Liberty has had a College Republicans club for years. The Democratic club formed in October and worked aggressively to elect President Obama.

“They . . . let the Liberty University College Republicans stay on campus, but they don’t let us,” said Diaz, 18, who will be a sophomore next year. “Sounds like censorship to me.”

Childress said she is trying to appeal the decision to Jerry Falwell Jr., who became the Lynchburg school’s chancellor after his father died in 2007. In the meantime, students who violate the rule face reprimands under the school’s conduct code, which could result in expulsion. 


Being currently out of a paying position I would like to suggest to Liberty University that they hire me in a new post, called “The Guy who Advises Us on how not to look like Fascist Idiots”.   I would work cheap, from my own home, and save them lots of time and energy, and serve my God and His Kingdom by preventing a fine institution from a foolish act.  

I know how these decisions are reached.  In a small group of like minded people  someone brings up an idea, packs it into a snowball and it begins to roll down the mountainside until a village is wiped out in the avalanche.  My suggestion is that I be allowed to examine the snowball for signs of intelligent life.  If not me I nominate Andy Stanley, or Charles Stanley, or Stanley the maintenance man from the local high school.  Someone who is a bit out of the forest so that a tree may be examined individually. The view from the Ivory tower is always myopic.  Seriously, our own Jeofurry would be perfect.  He is one of their own, not a dispy, and coming from the far country of North Dakota, knows a bit about snowballs.  

This is NUTS!  There are 30 people on campus, 30 out of thousands of students and faculty  who chose to belong to the Dems. What threat or danger are they to the campus at large?  Can the administration not see that shutting them down does more damage than good?  The latest news is that the group may meet on campus, but not be recognized.  I am not a fan of the  party of Pelosi and Obama, not at all,  but the whole point of our free society is to allow divergent beliefs to be expressed.  Here is a short list of why if I were  “the Guy” this snowball would have been tossed on the stove.

  1. Closing down a Democratic club shows no faith in a two party system.
  2. The bad press generated by this will fill atheist  blogs for years.
  3. It is possible that this group sought change from within.  I deplore some Republican methods and strategies, but I will stay to use my vote to , hopefully, bring the party back in line with my values.  If I leave I will not advocate the dissolution of the party.
  4. College is where youth rebel.  Does anybody remember hearing an old adage that goes something like: “If you’re not a liberal when you’re in your twenties you haven’t got a heart; if you’re not a conservative by the time you’re 40 you haven’t got a brain.”   I registered as a democrat at age 18 to vote for Al Harris in the primary. I represented 10% of his votes in my state.   At twenty I was an active Republican and have been since, although Libertarian is looking good these days.
  5. At a time when we want Christian bible studies on school and college campuses, this attitude of exclusivity serves poorly.  We need increased dialogue with the other side, yet we fear it? 

So I say, “Oi vey ist Mir” or, “I carumba ” or, ” Man, what were you thinking?”  Liberty has a student behavior clause that states no student can harm the Witness of the University.  No worries, no student could do the harm the administration did with one really foolish decision. 


Ouch!  That is really going to hurt!

Ouch! That is really going to hurt!

The Church as seen by a Ret. Vol. Fire Chief


It has pleased God to provide much of  my training needed to pastor Dayspring Bible Chapel in fire-halls and in fire service.  My leadership skills with volunteers [ still needing much improvement] , my teaching style, my counseling and discipline abilities were all honed in Fire Service at Mt. Zion Bicentennial Fire Dept.  To me this makes biblical sense.  Moses was trained as a shepherd,  Nehemiah in a king’s court, Luke in study to be a physician and many more examples.  God is a master of cross training.  

Moving from Fire Service to His Service I  have noticed a lot of  comparison points where churches fall far behind firefighters.  One area not lacking is technology. Churches use PowerPoint and email and websites, burning DVD’s of services and using audio visual aids with cutting edge science.  This is an area in which I admit Dayspring is far behind.  Other areas in the visible church could learn much from your local fire department, and my suggestion is we emulate or at least learn from America’s Bravest:

  • Mutual Aid,  one company calling and receiving assistance from others
  • Member Retention,  recruiting is fine, but keep what you have
  • Leadership Hierarchy, know who is in charge of what
  • Buddy System,  a pair beats high card every time
  • Personnel Accountability , know who is where and their condition
  • Member Utilization,  everybody works for the common good
  • Pre-Planning,  prepare for the worst, think ahead
  • Bonding in powerful life relationships
  • Community Service,  cat in tree, pool fill, non fire service calls
  • Effective Mobilization, calling out the troops in time of need
  • Fellowship in leisure activities,  work hard, play hard
  • Emergency Reaction,  no committee decisions on an alarm
  • Training,  the only usable personnel are trained personnel

Take a look at the picture above. A college age woman is using a Dry-chem portable extinguisher on an imaginary fire.  She has been able to hold the extinguisher, feel it’s weight, hear the sound it makes when it discharges, see its range and operate it in a safe environment.   She has no doubt been taught the mnemonic,P.A.S.S.   Pull Pin, Aim , Squeeze, and Sweep.   Imagine how her success at reducing property loss and mitigating a hazardous situation has been improved by this training.  Experience has taught that well meaning people without training have failed miserably in using hand held extinguishers.  More than one person has dropped a CO2  extinguisher in panic at hearing the loud roar it made when used.  Many frightened people have not pulled the safety pin, and strong men have broken many handles squeezing with all their might against the safety pin.  The extinguishing agent does no good against fire if not directed at the base of the flame from the proper distance.  
For the cost of a refill, $38.00, this woman has been made into a firefighter who could save millions of dollars.  No doubt she sees now what area the tool covers, and now understands how big a fire may be combated with this device, and has been taught when the battle is worth fighting and when to bail out.  An extinguisher in the hands of a trained person is a firefighting tool. An extinguisher without training is a red can on the wall that pleases insurance companies and  is usable only as a door stop.  

At church and in His service we fight the very flames of Hell.  How much training do we provide?  Pastors have seminaries  [I have deep rebellion issues on this one that I will get to later] , Lay leaders have conferences, but does the guy or gal  in the pew get training?   Training applicable to real world scenarios?  It just does not seem so. Here is a great read by Willohroots commenter Michael Bell, found on the Imonk site where we met.

“As noted earlier, before the age of 24, most of those who will leave have already left, whether they be Catholic or Protestant.”

Mike points out What is happening, here is my take on Why: They are untrained.  Putting a firefighter in a position of danger without proper training and equipment is a recipe for disaster.  Best case scenario, he will quit the service  feeling he is a coward and a failure, or worst case, he will die.  The church is too often presented as an island of comfort, a refuge from a world of sin, a safe society where sin is presented as “their” problem and we claim to have overcome.  When a young adult is loosed into a world of all nature of sin the flames are too much and the options are either to beat  a hasty retreat or be consumed.  There are some time honored training methods available to us, and we need to teach and preach them if we are to succeed. Here are some areas that we need to address:


  • Witnessing,  not tracts, not acting plastic, but sharing Jesus in a real and meaningful way.
  • Confronting sin face to face, retreat is not the only tactic.
  • Preparation for condemnation from the world , it is going to come, be ready, your professors [most] think we are crazy.
  • Real world issues are not black and white: divorce, sex, drugs,etc,  must be understood – not simply condemned.
  • History of the Bible and the Church, in truth, warts and all,  knowledge is power and many of our youth are powerless.
  • Evils of the Church,  we are His bride, but we have messed up a lot, from crusades to defense of slavery, the truth is good to know.
  • Denominational Distinctives,  we do things differently, get used to it.  Sure ,’we are right and they are wrong’, but God forgives [whoever we are].
  • Sin.  Sin is fun in the short term. Admit it and do not fear, we face nothing alone, He is there.
  • Forgiving, forgiving , forgiving


The church has a choice, to be a a life raft floating on the sea of society, tossed by the waves and adrift, or a surf rescue society, trained people with a mission deliberately putting ourselves in harms way , with purpose and mission , to head out into danger for the purpose of rescuing the lost and drowning.  We can be strictly a social hall, offering a nice place to have fellowship, or with training and the weapons provided by God,  rolling out with a higher purpose, saving the lost from the flames that never die while keeping each other as safe as possible in a hostile environment. 

We were saved to serve, not sit.  Our service cannot be done without preparation.  Next post,  Training.  What say you? Are you trained?  Have you been to some good classes?  Share, we all need to keep sharp.

Daughter Gradutes Cum Laude , BSRN
May 18, 2009, 20:35
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Christian School Student Suspended for Prom
May 14, 2009, 06:30
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Is this a Kingdom Serving Witness?

Is this a Kingdom Serving Witness?

Heritage Christian school in Ohio has suspended Tyler Frost for going to the prom with his girlfriend.  Heritage Christian school has a statement up on their website that you may read for yourself.


Naturally this bad call will get a lot of press.  When was the last time you read in national news about a decision that seemed odd on the part of a secular school?  Well it happens, but does not create a feeding frenzy like this.  The world is watching those of us in the Christian community very closely, as nothing can damage  us more than the pain we inflict on ourselves.  While we are taught not to generalize about nationality or race, it is acceptable in the world’s eyes to say,  “There go those Christians again.”   Prejudice against us is perfectly acceptable. 

In an unsigned statement on their site, this paragraph may be found:            

In the Old Testament, Joseph was in a place of temptation and he fled. Unlike this situation, he didn’t put himself in that place. Proverbs 4:23 says, “Keep your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life.” II Timothy 2:22 says, “Flee also youthful lusts but follow after righteousness faith charity and peace with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart.” When the school committee, many years before I became the principal, set up the policy regarding dancing, I am confident that they had the principle of fleeing lustful situations in mind. The question as I see it is, should a Christian place themselves at an event where young ladies will have low cut dresses and be dancing in them? Isn’t it contrary to the example of Joseph and the verses that I stated?

I feel really bad for the author of that statement in particular, and for the culture of that school in general.  In fact,  more than ‘feel bad’  I dispair of the entire society that takes the Gospel of Christ and tries to shove it into a man-shaped box, instead of trying to grow people into a Gospel -shaped, Christ -shaped community.  Is the author telling us that he struggles with lust issues due to a low cut dress?  Is a little cleavage all it would take to have him fall into sin?  If the sights at a Prom are so disturbing,  how would he go to the beach, or even the Mall?  I have an idea, let us put women in a coverall outfit, we will call it a burka, so that the sight of an ankle, or a thigh, or a breast will not cause us to sin,  oh yeah, wrong religion. 

I am trying to guard myself  from sin and sarcasm and snarkiness, but  failure is imminent.  If Christianity had always had this attitude missionaries would never have gone into the topless peoples of the islands, we would let them burn for fear of temptation.  If this attitude was the correct one we would not be doing teen outreach,  as there are young women who have grown up in a culture of ‘sex sells’ and in appearance are dressing like a display case for Victoria’s Secret.  If this attitude was correct our Savior would not have gone amongst the prostitutes and tax collectors.

Joesph fled a seductress, not a woman in sexy garb.  It was not the woman’s appearance to be avoided, it was her behavior and intention.  I hate it when people pull a verse from a story and say “Here you go, I am right!”    Paul’s advice to Timothy had nothing to do with anyone’s outward appearance, but was wise advice to a young pastor on maturing past a point where the flesh has control, “youthful” is the word, and becoming strong in the Lord.  What about the rest of the story?

Have nothing to do with foolish, ignorant controversies; you know that they breed quarrels.

 And the Lord’s servant [fn] must not be quarrelsome but kind to everyone, able to teach, patiently enduring evil,


Does it seem to you that our administrator is heeding these words?  Is this patiently enduring [what he thinks is] evil?  Try to tell me that this man has not caused a foolish ignorant controversy.  He did. 

The point of the Christian life is not to leave the world,  but to live in it by the Power of the Holy Spirit avoiding sin not by adherence to rules, but by the guidance of the very Heart and Mind of Jesus that indwells us by the Gift of the Spirit.  Legalism in all its forms denies the Deity of the Holy Ghost and His power.  This was not an orgy Tyler was going to, it was a Prom, with teachers and chaperons.  The lesson Heritage has taught here is two fold:

One,  we are weak and need to avoid situations that might tempt us.                       Two, we are better, or at least we think we are, than you Prom goers, oh yeah, and by the way, you are going to Hell.

There are rules to every organization.  My point is not to flaunt rules,  but this is a situation that should have been handled man to youth, in love, and in private.  Christian schools need to prepare students for life, not act as a cult.  The Amish do not require 17 year olds to give up the world, they get a choice when they are a little older.  Maybe they trust their young men more.  I have seen this type of legalism result in two very different but equally unfortunate situations.  Unmarried men at 30 and 40 years of age, not bringing new life into the world to carry on the Christian traditions,  and escapees of legalism who fall into the traps of sin in the world for which they were totally unprepared.  Perhaps Heritage is promoting a culture that is not based on the freedom that is in Christ, but on the rules that are based on the weakness of sinful man. 

Fire truck dedicated to Willis ‘Pop’ Hapeman
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Mt.  Zion's new truck dedicated May 9 in honor of my Dad.

Mt. Zion's new truck dedicated May 9 in honor of my Dad.

The company started in 1976, and this is the first brand new rig ever to go in the barn.  My dad rebuilt the engine on their first truck, a 1956 Ford,  they have come far.

I have been asked to say a few words in honor of my Dad.  The guys and girls at the company really thought a lot of him.  There is a plaque on the pump panel, in honor of Willis ‘Pop’ Hapeman.  Dad was blessed with 53 years in fire service.  I was really surprised when, at his funeral, the Pittston and West Pittston Fire Companies put the aerial ladders at full extension forming an arch for the hearse and parade to go under.  we call it putting up the sticks.  It is an honor seen most often when a firefighter dies on the job,  but I guess dad fought enough fires in both towns to deserve the honor. 

He was a leader as Fire Chief, then President, then Pop.  He offered marital and relationship counseling to people who had no one else to talk to.  People would confide the most private things to him.  He was a very special man.   I grew up in a small town where Dad wad the borough electrician.  He was responsible for the town fire alarm.  That meant I got to blow the siren a lot.  What a thrill for a young boy to make such a loud noise!   Dad had a key ring with keys to about half the houses in town, in case they needed electrical work he could get in to do it.  He was trusted, and with reason.  He was honest to a fault. 

It will be an honor and a privilege to speak on his behalf today.  There are some things I will not mention to the crowd that I would like to share with you, as shared burdens weigh much less.  

My dad never saw my family sing in church.  When the girls were young my wife would play keyboard, I would play guitar, and we would sing in various churches as a way to serve our God.  He never saw that.  I have been preacher for almost thirty years,  fill in, old age homes, Church of Christ, Baptist, Congregational,etc.  My dad never heard me preach.   I was a soloist in churches and school , college,and churches. My dad never heard me sing.  My dad did not believe as I do.  He often said, “When you are dead you’re dead!”  He wanted no part of church.

My readers can understand why,  when he died I went through a two year period of depression.  He had told me that if I became a preacher he would break my leg, and if I became a Baptist preacher he would break both my legs.  Threats like this from a big powerful man must not be ignored.  I was made Pastor the week he died.  I stood over his bed, looking at his legs, both broken from within by cancer, and just had to wonder. 

I loved my Dad.  We spent so much time together as business partners, hunters, and firemen.  My life was often in his hands, and he always pulled through. Once another company shut my hose line off while I was in a working structure fire on the nozzle, once.  After Dad straightened them out that would not be repeated.After the 72 flood electricity had me stuck to a pipe in a basement and he kicked me off,[ he said he enjoyed that], and we will not speak of the bar fights here.   As far as eternity, I have thread bare hope of a deathbed conversion.  All things are possible  with God,  and even if we are separated after time ceases I still owe Dad much.  He taught me a good trade, made me a Fire Fighter and Chief,  taught me to shoot straight with firearms and people.  There is no doubt he was a good and honorable man. 

I need to get  in fire company mode,  dry my eyes and look the part of a past Chief honoring a past Chief.  On a purely secular level it will be a great day,  I just am not sure I can function on a purely secular level these days.

Pray for my brother firefighters,  they are some of the best people I know.  Introduce them to the Savior with love,  Amazing Grace should be more to them than the name of the song they play at a fireman’s funeral.

Christians [or Critictians ] Attacking A.A.



Does this seem like an evil prayer to you?

Does this seem like an evil prayer to you?




There are times I would like to secede from the flock called Christian.  Perhaps I could be known as a Jesusian, or a Yeshudist.  It could be a genetic thing,

I do come from a long line of protestants, the people who have 1st Welsh Baptist, 2nd Welsh Baptist and Plain Old Baptist churches on corners of the same street, attended by relatives, some of whom still speak to each other.  It could also be shame that motivates my desire for distance. 

There is a segment of the church that shares all of my main theology.  They and I could say the same creeds,  read many of the same books,  admire the same martyrs, sing the same hymns and serve the same Lord.  You would think that these brothers and sisters and I would share the same ‘world view’  having very little variation in opinion or behavior.  You would think.  I do not mean the Phelps contingent,  or snake dancers, or the Toronto blessing gang,  they get written off  as the crazy cousins with unfortunate tendencies that everybody hopes miss the reunion.  I am talking about people who are just wrong, way wrong, and claim the rightness of God.

The spotlight falls today on that group of the righteous that hate Alcoholics Anonymous.  They are not just critical, all groups and individuals could use some criticism, and AA is certainly not above criticism, these people are haters.  I really never thought anyone could hate AA.  Any group dedicated to getting people sober must have some redeeming qualities, but not to this group of Critictians, [my new word, they are  a lot like  Christians on the outside, but filled with a hollowness where the love is supposed to go] who go so far as to declare that a demon dictated the twelve steps. 

There is a great way to reach out to a newly sober seeker!  Tell  her that the group that taught her a way to stay sober, and upon which she is leaning for support was started by the devil.   I won’t put up a link to such nonsense, but a quick google will get you to all kind of sights like that.  Do they have a picture, or a recording of said demon at work? No.  They have inferred this because A A does not preach the Gospel in a way that they approve .  It does not matter that A A does not preach the Gospel at all,  the fact is that A A mentions God, and these people have the copy-write on all that is godly. 

It would do my heart good to see these people apply the same standards in all of the different facets of their lives.  If they were off the coast on a cruise in a storm, floundering,  and the Coast Guard  shows up to help they should say,”Away with you,you are not a Christian organization , God will save us!” It should not matter to them that the Coast Guard is not designed to preach the Gospel but to save lives, or even that some Coast Guard personnel are certainly good Christians, no, a blanket condemnation is in order. 

If, God forbid, their home was to catch fire,  do not send the fire department.  Some of the firefighters are agnostic, [few], there may be an atheist with them, but almost certainly some will have a St. Florian medal, as they are good Catholics. “Away , go away let it burn, you pray to a saint, not to God through Jesus, leave you follower of the whore of Babylon!”   It should not matter that the fire department exists to save lives and protect property, not spread the gospel, or that some of the members are fine Christians,  they should be condemned! 

Alcoholics Anonymous is not a Christian organization.  It was not designed to spread the Gospel, it was designed to spread sobriety.  It is in the same category as the Coast Guard or the Fire Department,  a life saving service comprised of good, dedicated people of purpose.  If I am in danger on the water or in a fire I will accept help from a Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or Jane. I will them thank  Jesus for their help and pray for their soul. 

 I  wonder if the Critictians are willing to get up at 3 am. and go to a bar to get someone who has fallen, bring them home, watch them puke and love them the next day.  It is easier to call the drunk a sinner and move away.  It is no wonder why there are so few Baptists with overt drinking problems, we throw them out. A A  provides a useful service, 24/7 world wide.   Many in my church go to meetings.  They know A A is not perfect, but then again neither is my church. 

 Thank God I am not an alcoholic!  How horrible it must be to be compelled to drink, knowing full well the pain it will cause to self and loved ones!  I am also not a T-totaler either, although I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a drink.  I don’t drink because it just doesn’t fit into my life often, not because of moral conviction.   I may have a beer this summer,  but I thank God that many in my church will not, because one drink opens a floodgate for the alchoholic.

I am working on a guide to assist Pastors and Lay Leaders to work with people in recovery in AA.  These people need a Savior!  Telling them the life raft they cling to was made by Satan is not part of the program.  Critictians make it impossible to bear witness to the Gospel of Christ by their very nature of condemnation.  Please let me know your thoughts on AA, your concerns, your experiences. 

John 3:17  “For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.”

Are we here to condemn?  Or to spread the news of His Salvation!