Christians [or Critictians ] Attacking A.A.



Does this seem like an evil prayer to you?

Does this seem like an evil prayer to you?




There are times I would like to secede from the flock called Christian.  Perhaps I could be known as a Jesusian, or a Yeshudist.  It could be a genetic thing,

I do come from a long line of protestants, the people who have 1st Welsh Baptist, 2nd Welsh Baptist and Plain Old Baptist churches on corners of the same street, attended by relatives, some of whom still speak to each other.  It could also be shame that motivates my desire for distance. 

There is a segment of the church that shares all of my main theology.  They and I could say the same creeds,  read many of the same books,  admire the same martyrs, sing the same hymns and serve the same Lord.  You would think that these brothers and sisters and I would share the same ‘world view’  having very little variation in opinion or behavior.  You would think.  I do not mean the Phelps contingent,  or snake dancers, or the Toronto blessing gang,  they get written off  as the crazy cousins with unfortunate tendencies that everybody hopes miss the reunion.  I am talking about people who are just wrong, way wrong, and claim the rightness of God.

The spotlight falls today on that group of the righteous that hate Alcoholics Anonymous.  They are not just critical, all groups and individuals could use some criticism, and AA is certainly not above criticism, these people are haters.  I really never thought anyone could hate AA.  Any group dedicated to getting people sober must have some redeeming qualities, but not to this group of Critictians, [my new word, they are  a lot like  Christians on the outside, but filled with a hollowness where the love is supposed to go] who go so far as to declare that a demon dictated the twelve steps. 

There is a great way to reach out to a newly sober seeker!  Tell  her that the group that taught her a way to stay sober, and upon which she is leaning for support was started by the devil.   I won’t put up a link to such nonsense, but a quick google will get you to all kind of sights like that.  Do they have a picture, or a recording of said demon at work? No.  They have inferred this because A A does not preach the Gospel in a way that they approve .  It does not matter that A A does not preach the Gospel at all,  the fact is that A A mentions God, and these people have the copy-write on all that is godly. 

It would do my heart good to see these people apply the same standards in all of the different facets of their lives.  If they were off the coast on a cruise in a storm, floundering,  and the Coast Guard  shows up to help they should say,”Away with you,you are not a Christian organization , God will save us!” It should not matter to them that the Coast Guard is not designed to preach the Gospel but to save lives, or even that some Coast Guard personnel are certainly good Christians, no, a blanket condemnation is in order. 

If, God forbid, their home was to catch fire,  do not send the fire department.  Some of the firefighters are agnostic, [few], there may be an atheist with them, but almost certainly some will have a St. Florian medal, as they are good Catholics. “Away , go away let it burn, you pray to a saint, not to God through Jesus, leave you follower of the whore of Babylon!”   It should not matter that the fire department exists to save lives and protect property, not spread the gospel, or that some of the members are fine Christians,  they should be condemned! 

Alcoholics Anonymous is not a Christian organization.  It was not designed to spread the Gospel, it was designed to spread sobriety.  It is in the same category as the Coast Guard or the Fire Department,  a life saving service comprised of good, dedicated people of purpose.  If I am in danger on the water or in a fire I will accept help from a Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or Jane. I will them thank  Jesus for their help and pray for their soul. 

 I  wonder if the Critictians are willing to get up at 3 am. and go to a bar to get someone who has fallen, bring them home, watch them puke and love them the next day.  It is easier to call the drunk a sinner and move away.  It is no wonder why there are so few Baptists with overt drinking problems, we throw them out. A A  provides a useful service, 24/7 world wide.   Many in my church go to meetings.  They know A A is not perfect, but then again neither is my church. 

 Thank God I am not an alcoholic!  How horrible it must be to be compelled to drink, knowing full well the pain it will cause to self and loved ones!  I am also not a T-totaler either, although I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a drink.  I don’t drink because it just doesn’t fit into my life often, not because of moral conviction.   I may have a beer this summer,  but I thank God that many in my church will not, because one drink opens a floodgate for the alchoholic.

I am working on a guide to assist Pastors and Lay Leaders to work with people in recovery in AA.  These people need a Savior!  Telling them the life raft they cling to was made by Satan is not part of the program.  Critictians make it impossible to bear witness to the Gospel of Christ by their very nature of condemnation.  Please let me know your thoughts on AA, your concerns, your experiences. 

John 3:17  “For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.”

Are we here to condemn?  Or to spread the news of His Salvation! 

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Ahh, but if Satan can get them to come out against AA, he’s killed more than two with one stone. AA gets a black eye, and the group against gets one as well. Some will decide that’a how all Christians think, and will stay away… The posibilities for damage are endless.

All that righteous energy wasted on a lie.

Comment by Shawn W


I have been dry for over 6 years. I had a serious battle… I did not go down the AA route, I had a conversion in a field on my knees. I found a home in Methodism. I pray the Covenant prayer- that’s what got me dry. However, reading and listenong to others who are on the twelve steps I realise I have done this too through using the covenant prayer. I will always continue to do it. I am now a pre-ordination student in the Methodist Church. Please see my blogg for more about it…

I buried my older brother last year- he died through alcoholism. As I stood at the grave an old friend said to me

‘You got your religion- Jesus. And I got mine, the NA- that’s what gets us through’. I know he now helps others and has a belief in God. Surely this is not of the devil.

God be with you in all you do.

Comment by thevinyard

Welcome! Praise God for your deliverance.
Here’s one you should know,

He breaks the power of canceled sin,
he sets the prisoner free;
his blood can make the foulest clean;
his blood availed for me.

Me too! Wesley rocks! I would appreciate your input on dealing with the 12 step program. It must have been awful to lose your brother to alcohol. I know it is not a pleasant sight. May God give you strength to help others.

Comment by willohroots

I have come to learn that so many of the things and people I was taught to avoid or consider anathemas were in reality angels like Abraham entertained… I regret my lack of hospitality.

Comment by Justin

Some people (many people) need AA.

Everyone needs Jesus.

AA + Jesus seems like an unbeatable combination for the alcoholic.

Comment by steve martin

This post reminded me of my wife’s first bout with clinical depression. It was back in the early 70’s. Our church family said things like…”what sin are you not confessing”….”just read the Psalms”….”it’s the devil”.
It got to the point that we just stayed away from the subject. As I look back on those years they were very lonely. Someone from the church who had any type of physical illness was prayed for and visited etc. al. And my wife spent six months in a hospital with me as her visitor.
Times have changed since way back then……until I read this post!!

Comment by Ike

Ike I remember when well meaning Bereans Came to my home to pray with me before a cancer surgery. That was nice. They offered to help me find the hidden sin that made me sick, that was not nice. If sin made sickness I would have died long ago.
There is a tendency for some who have found the Truth to think they own All Truth, and the rest of the world is in darkness.

My family fights depression also. I am sorry your church could not have been supportive in those rough times. Some people who know the old song”They will know we are Christians by our love” miss the meaning.

Comment by willohroots

Those of us who have a special battle with alcohol need all the help we can get. I would hate to be seen as anti-christian because I’ve been in AA. I would also hate to be seen as anti-AA because I am a christian.

I find a lot in the 12 steps that helps my Christian walk.

Mar 9:38-40 KJV And John answered him, saying, Master, we saw one casting out devils in thy name, and he followeth not us: and we forbad him, because he followeth not us. (39) But Jesus said, Forbid him not: for there is no man which shall do a miracle in my name, that can lightly speak evil of me. (40) For he that is not against us is on our part.

I would like to think that if Jesus was here with us today that he would approve of AA. Especially the goals and methods.

Comment by tigger23505

My step-father was an alcholic for many years before he became a christian. He found he still needed help so he joined up with AA. I was a very young girl at that time so I really didn’t know much about AA. After taking the program and through the help and grace of the Lord my step-father was able to overcome his addiction until his death a year ago. He stayed clean for over 25 years.
Our paster made a comment that really stuck with me. He said “What men/women don’t understand, they fear. What they fear, they hate. What they hate, they try to destroy.”
Maybe instead of trying to destroy something that is doing so much good, we should try to just bridal our tongues.
If we read the Word, Jesus spent most of His time with the very alcoholics, harlots, and the diseased in body and in mind that we tend to want to just write off. I like all, was saved purely by the grace of our Lord. I may not have ever been on drugs or sold myself to men or any other (what we call) detrimental sin. But I am nothing more than a sinner saved by Grace. I am so thankful the Lord hasn’t just wrote me off. May God Bless You,

Comment by kylefonzo

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