He Leadeth Me, Oh Distressing Thought!
May 26, 2009, 16:14
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P1010019Yeah, I know where you want to lead me is a great place.  I know I will enjoy being there.  You have my best interests at heart, and I even know you love me.  It’s just that being lead thing.  It is agaisnt my nature.   Something in the way I am built, the way my Creator put me together just rebels at the thoughtof being led. 

I strain against the leash no matter what the destination, for it I would rather be in charge, follow my own lights.  I do have a brain you know.  If You wanted to lead somebody arround you could have got a dog you know.


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If I tried to put my cat on a leash I would have no eyeballs left.

Comment by theoldadam

take that leash up a bit higher.

Comment by graceshaker

We had to leash train two cats a number of years ago, because we moved around so much. When we first put the leads on they always walked in a crouch, like something had them.

Hmmm, we’re not much different, are we?

Comment by Shawn W

The Perception Prize goes to Shawn W! We are not much different, our God would lead us through the Holy spirit, but we are too proud, too stubborn, too arrogant. I guess that makes running our churches like herding cats!

Comment by willohroots

Funny picture. It looks more like dragging, than leading.

I have 2 kids like that.

It takes an act of congress to get them to move.

It is the flesh that rules, not the spirit, unfortunately.

It takes some humility to reverse this process.

Comment by Marianne

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