Excerpt from my Wife’s college paper.
June 17, 2009, 09:39
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warning_born_again_christian_greeting_card-p137883635147345051q6k5_400“I am a Christian. I hesitate to even disclose this because “Christian” does connote certain negative ideas of behavior, dress, mores, and judgmentalism. Unfortunately, in my opinion, some Christian groups behave more like a cult than a Christian society, and passing down judgments upon the rest of the world, and their own people. These groups are the ones newsworthy and therefore in the national media. But the small as the head of a pin Christian groups who are out there genuinely doing good works, not living to sit in judgment of others, not out seeking media attention, who are seeking knowledge and truth and committed to giving a leg up to others – to helping others, are not heard of. This is the type Christian subculture I am involved in and committed to. Christian beliefs were instilled in me through cultural transmission by my mother and father. When I turned eighteen I left the “mother” church in search of something else. I retained my Christian foundation, but found another way of expressing it other than the church I grew up in and even left the denomination in which I was raised.

As a teenager in the early seventies I was part of a counterculture. The seventies were a hold over from the sixties and hippies were still a part of the counterculture of which I myself was a part of.”

Do we need to warn others of our Christianity?  Do we often add a caveat to our writings and to our speech?  Do you share my wife Dawn’s concern that you will be viewed  in a different light if someone knows you are one of “them”?

As a group we followers of the Way of Christ have not left a good witness.  Is that fair?  Is it  the bad press we have recieved, or is  it the truth that we have deserved?  How proudly do you wave your Christian flag, or do you sheepishly admit to a faith, but point out you are not one of those.  No judgement here, just asking.

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Hmm…I don’t often come out and say, “I’m a Christian.” though everyone who’s around me for very long knows it.

LOL, one of the ladies at work calls me the preacher, and heaven help anyone who curses in front of me.

Comment by Shawn W

I may not advertise my Christianity as I walk in the room daily. However, I do find that if I haved an actual conversation with anyone the subject is usually brought up by the person I am speaking to. I find they actually ask, in some manner if I am a Christian…:)
I love this! They ask…what denomination and my reply is usually it’s not a denomination or religion I am in…it is a relationship. The evokes as many different responses as stating Christianity brings comments!
“A relationship…ahh you are born again?”, I hear often “but you have a denomination don’t you?”
My response, usually is: ” I have a relationship with God and Jesus Christ, but if you must define it within a denomination…most would describe it as Penacostal!” I smile and tell them that it really doesn’t matter what denomination we call one another, it is about the same God, the same Christ and the same Heaven!
Ain’t it cool, I say!

Comment by hopeannfaith

When asked what denomination i prefer, i usually say twenties. Is that rude? you are right on, i am Christian, call me what you want!!

Comment by willohroots

Christian by the grace of God, Baptist by choice. 🙂

Comment by Shawn W

I try and get to know someone a little bit before I share the gospel with them.

The way the media and the schools have done a number on Christianity (many wacky Bible thumpers haven’t helped matters)I feel it is good that people know I am just like them, for the most part, before I speak of Christ and the great thing He has done for them.

Comment by theoldadam

In contrast to the “Church of the Loudest Voice”, which gets all the attention, there is the churches of the soft voice. I used to use that last name disparagingly, as if having a soft voice was a cop out or rejection of our call to evangelize.

I have since realized that the Loud Voice Church represents neither me nor Christ. I am proud to be part of the Soft Voice Church when that soft voice is accompanied by a loud heart and strong hands.

As for me, I am Presbyterian by choice. The choice was made not because I think they had it right, but the opposite. The only way I can be an instrument in even the most minute change is to be present. So, for now, I am.

Comment by Rev Andy Little

I am Baptist because that is who ended up with me, or who would take me.
Soft voice, loud heart,strong hands. Rev. Andy that could be a slogan of service, or a song, or a motto. The Loud churches are the ones that kicked me out and were really right, in their own mind.
I agree they represent very little.

Comment by willohroots

By all means declare your faith but be careful.
I have learned to avoid the folks on the road with the little fish symbols because of their aggressivness and rude driving. Remember Who you are representing.
If I see a merchant or service company advertising with the fish or saying something about being run by Christians I run the other way before I am swindled.
I’m pretty sure that Christ did not suffer and die so you could use Him as a marketing tool.
Let Christ live His life through you.
It will show and all the signs and bumper stickers will be irrelevant.

Comment by Rob

God bless you all

Comment by robert

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