Lightning strikes at Willohroots!
August 9, 2009, 19:51
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Mega-volts of awesome power!

Mega-volts of awesome power!

Stately Willohroots manner, nestled in a valley on top of the Blue Mountains, or Endless Mountains, of North Eastern Pa.  [ between the Smokey and Catskills , the heart of the Appalachian Chain, if you are looking at a topographical map]  was the scene of an electrifying experience recently.  A nearby lightning strike put a surge through our state of the art Dell tower, cooking the framistan or possibly the wiggetator.  As you can tell, I am no computer tech.

There are several things I found out through this experience.

  1. There is no money in our reduced budget for repair of anything.
  2. It is possible for me to warn my wife about taking on line tests in a storm
  3. It is only possible for me to warn her, not to say anything that will actually affect her behavior
  4. I really need to get more involved in the job search
  5. My Son in Law , who bought me this replacement computer so that I can blog again is a real gift
  6. I have a battery back-up surge protector left over from the closing of my office that the Internet company said to keep as it was too heavy to return. [ “too late smart”, the Pa. Dutch say]
  7. No damage to anything can affect my love for my wife
  8. I missed the on line community  here and at your sites.  A lot.

I appreciate The people who contacted me to inquire about my  lack of bloging activity.  Thank you for your concern, God bless your caring hearts.  I will email each of you soon, now that I am up and running on the electric pathways.  I will be catching up on my reading of your blogs and look forward to hearing from all of you soon!


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It is so good to have you back and “plugged in” again. We had a recent nasty lighting incident at our home, but I think it only messed up my router and didn’t hurt the PCs at all that I can tell. I was praying for you long before your absence became extended and it is good to hear your “voice” again.

Comment by jeofurry

It could just be the video card, we will see, this computer is a bit slower, but a blessing,jeofurry your prayers are appreciated and an expression of true Christian Love. I am standing in the need of prayer, thank you.

Comment by willohroots

So that explains it! 🙂 Probably the same reason I haven’t heard much from our brother Ike. But he, too, posted a comment today!

I know it probably sounds crazy, but I would love to have a fraction of the thunderstorms you experience on the East coast. We rarely get them out here in the basin of southern CA. I’m a big rain and thunder freak, probably because it’s rarely does either for the past several years.

Great to have you back, Will!

Comment by Joe Chavez

Firework displays are nice, but a lightning storm is so much more exciting. There are times i can get on a hill and watch the storm come in from across the valley, just Awesome! We have had no shortage of rain this summer, The Susquehanna river is a bit too deep t wade fish. That is too bad, i like to wet my fannie in the Susguehannie!

Comment by willohroots

Glad you’re back!

Comment by Shawn W

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