Raising the Bar, Again
August 10, 2009, 18:55
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Wonderful imagery from Grace Church.     gracechristiancenter.com

I have been in the pulpit at Dayspring for five years now, well actually, only for the last two years has the name been Dayspring.  I have been preaching here at least every other week from 2000, every week since 2004.  I started as a preacher, now I am a pastor, God has been good to me to stage me up in this manner.  In His love and mercy He has let me grow in stages, matching my duties and responsibilities [at least to a degree] to my skill set and spiritual development.  Going from preacher to pastor was shocking, scary and to be honest if I were not forced into it it would have never happened.

God called me into the ministry in 1977, soon after I became a believer after a “Pauline” experience.  I responded in biblical fashion, like Jonah, I denied the call.  I remember standing by the edge of the Susquehanna River in Wilkes-Barre yelling at a God whose existence  I had denied just a short time before.  I remember shouting with tears in my eyes, “I do not like Your churches,I do not like your people, I can’t stand your preachers, get somebody else!”  [ Ah youth,  foolish youth, truly wasted on the young as they say. ]  Were my God not so merciful as to defy description, I would never have had the chance to serve Him and His people.  I now love His church, and His people, however I am still a bit skeptical of His preachers, well some of them.

Once again the bar is being raised.  I feel called to a greater commitment, a higher level of personal accountability, a greater degree of service and sanctification.   Should we go to 2 services?  Three?  An old time traditional service at 9:15? I feel there are people who miss the liturgical beauty of an “old time” worship, with organ hymns and responsive readings.    What about a Sunday night “unplugged” version with just guitar, no praise team,  and a relaxed Q and A period?  What about me elevating the bar on my personal prayer life and general lifestyle?

There are more questions than answers, but if you look in the above picture,  the jumper is made less as the bar is raised,  there must be less of me so that there may be more of Him.

Opinions highly valued.


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Will, seems like we are both going through similar introspections. I know God has stripped away my job and slowly my finances, I think, in large part to get me to listen carefully to what He has to say and to remind me that “man does not live by bread alone, but every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.”

I really can identify with Job’s statement: “Though He slay me, yet I will trust Him.”

Regarding your post, I think it’s good every now and then (maybe permanently) getting back to an “old time” service. There are generations growing up today that may never experience that. I know I’d love to attend one. Get back to those “roots” (Willohroots!) as it were.

Comment by Joe Chavez

Thanksmuch for the feed back.
God, having given man free will, at least in things not related to salvation[ I do not want to get a Calvinist vs. freewill line], has allowed many things to impact upon our lives. I am not sure it was the direct will of God that put you and I out of work. In my case in the mortgage business, It was man sinning, man being greedy beyond all bounds, that brought the industry, and the country down. It was not God’s will for people to take mortgages they could not afford on houses that fueled their ego, supported by a system that knew no bounds.
I know with all my heart, however, that God has promised to use all things to our good, even though it may be a very rough patch of time. We get to the point where we say,”Thank you for my trials and tribulations” only then do we grow.
At one point five years ago, i said to the associational missionary, “If I need to, I can keep the church running with my tithe. Now look, The stipend from church is essential to my survival. Hmmmm, what did you teach us today, Lord?
Back to the service, 9:15 to 10 am, 12 to 15 minute sermon, Doxology, Our Father, Glory Be, 3 hymns, responsive reading, [from a book not a screen], perhaps that would work for so many of the Roman Catholics that feel abandoned by the Church as they close and sell more than half the buildings and combine the parishes.
Hang in there brother!!!

Comment by willohroots

It’s epidemic. My hubby’s been out of work almost two months now. As Will said it had more to do with man’s greed than anything else.

Funny thing, though. We still have the house, nothing’s been shut off, and we’ve eaten everyday.
Thank You, Father.

Will, you know what you’re heart is being called to do, and He will strengthen that limb you’re stepping out on.

Comment by Shawn W

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