DUI Followup, from June archive
August 11, 2009, 11:30
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Out of 22 people in a DUI [DWI for y’all]  driving class, ordered by the court, when told a Breathalyzer would be used and a 0 tolerance policy extended,  guess how many [ out of 22]  were sent home for alcohol use.?

Remember this would mean drinking that morning, or getting tanked the night before.  Winner will receive the key to stately Willohroots manner for a weekend.


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Bet it was more than half, say 15?

Comment by Shawn W

Wow, Shawn W, that is a bit of a high guess, why it sounds as if you think the human heart is wicked! Or that addiction is similar to demon possession in it’s power to destroy and control! No key for you, too high! [as they were]

Comment by willohroots

Out of 22, I would guess about 7.

Comment by Rev Andy Little

One third seems more in line, the ANSWER, four. I thought that was high for a court ordered class, but addiction is stronger than fear of the law. Can I use this for proof, “The Law won’t Save you, only the Spirit Saves” ???

Comment by willohroots

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