Six Baptisms at Dayspring!
August 28, 2009, 23:18
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There will be, God willing, six baptisms at this Sunday!  Praise God!  These are a varied bunch of people  coming from atheism, addiction, alcoholism, and two young men who  brought their mother to be baptised two years ago.  These two  guys came into our flock about 5 years ago and spontaneously asked us to pray for their mom.  Midway into the service she arrived.  They are now 15 and 13.  Praise God for His Spirit that quickens!

Please pray for Marie.  She would like  to be baptised , but has health problems.  She has lost a big toe and others are in danger.  She has been a single mom to my biggest fan, Althea,  a 27 year old perpetual child due to retardation.  Marie  is frightened,  I would be too.  Praise God for His Mercy.

We will be using the next door neighbors pool.  Years ago there was a blood feud situation between the neighbors and the old church.  Now he cuts our grass and plows our snow,  for free!  Last month he sent his son to Sunday School! Praise God for His Spirit that brings reconciliation!

Pray for good weather,  we would not want to be rained on, we might get wet!

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God is so good!

Just sent up a little prayer for your flock, I’m sure things will go swimmingly.

Comment by Shawn W

Praise God for the increase in His Kingdom. I pray that all went well and I am excited for the work that God is doing in your midst.

Comment by jeofurry

Baptisms! Great!

The Lord will be doing a mighty work there in that water and His Word attached to that water!

(a little plug for the Lutheran understanding of baptism, and for the power of God)

Comment by theoldadam

Steve, that is a plug for Christ, it is His Word that has Power, the water is a symbol, but we all take the Ordinance seriously. I am with you, water without the Word just gets you wet!

Comment by willohroots

Baptism IS water and the Word.

Don’t forget 1st Peter 3:20

“…8 persons were saved through water.”
(21) Baptism, which corresponds to this now saves you…”

You gotta admit, the Lutheran view is different and a bit more radical! 😀

Comment by theoldadam

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