What do these people have in common?
September 2, 2009, 23:09
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Witnessing Baptism at Dayspring

Witnessing Baptism at Dayspring

See this crowd?  They vary in age,  skin color,  gender,  national origin, native language, educational level and economic status.  They  do not vote alike, talk alike,  enjoy the same pastimes, or eat the same kinds of food.  What  in the world that could unite such a diverse collection.?

This is Dayspring Bible Chapel , well some of Dayspring,  at the Baptism last Sunday.  They have a lot in common that you do not notice at first glance.

  • They are all sinners
  • Their Savior is Jesus the Risen Messiah
  • They love Jesus and because of that life changing love they seek to love God ands their neighbor with all the strength of their heart
  • They depend on the Holy Spirit to author and grow that love
  • They are my family, for whom I would give my all

I look at this picture and feel  a  great responsibility.  It is my calling, as I love my Savior,  to feed this flock.  I must feed them good solid Biblical food,  and attempt to shepherd them with love and the Spirit’s guidance.  That responsibility alone should keep me humble and cause me to pray without ceasing.

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Hey Will. Thanks for posting this picture. It is awesome to see what God is doing up there with Dayspring. We will be praying for the Holy Spirit to help you guide the flock.

gobble, gobble … Go Hokies 🙂

Comment by Lee H

Amen brother. You are blessed with a wonderful family and a sobering responsibility. May God continue to bless.

Comment by jeofurry

Remember the old song “He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother”? It always plays in my head when I see the responsibility we shoulder.

The truth is that they are very heavy, but it’s such a blessing to bear that weight.

You have a lovely flock, Will.

Comment by Shawn W

thats fascinating. and beautiful. i grew up in a church very similar but i havent seen one since.

may u always be a good shpeherd.

Comment by graceshaker

Thanks Graceshaker, I pray to always be a good undershepherd , following Christ, the leader of the flock.

Comment by willohroots

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