Did I hear a Hokie?
September 3, 2009, 08:45
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Birds of a feather?

Birds of a feather?

While in the deepest, most rural regions of Virginia, we came across a species of bird new to us.   Some sort of turkey on steroids, it is called a Hokie bird.  Beloved by the natives,  it is cheered on by the local populace, and it’s war cry is imitated by thousands.   I hear there is a place in it’s nest for a trophy.

This is an example of one we found in Blacksburg.  [ the one on the left is a Hokie,  the one on the right I am still figuring out after 21 years]   There must be some sort of infectious nature to it all, as I find myself cheering for a guy named Tyrod,  respecting a fellow named Beamer, and saying “Go Hokies!”  I have yet to gobble,  but as the condition advances it may become irresistible.

Go Hokies!

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LOL I can’t figure out which one looks more formidable.

Comment by Shawn W

I suppose it is the same condition that has turned me into a Razorback for the time being. Woo Pig Sooie!

Comment by jeofurry

That is hilarious, Will. It won’t be long before the gobbling starts. It has spread to my entire family. gobble, gobble

Comment by Lee H

bummer about that game. i was pulling for u guys.

Comment by graceshaker

Hokies beat Nebraska today! gobble, gobble

Comment by Lee H

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