9/11, the still night sky..
September 11, 2009, 12:29
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What was missing from the night sky?

What was missing from the night sky?

The impact of the morning of 9/11/01  was emotional and disturbing.  I was out in the yard on a beautiful day smacking golf  balls for the dog. [ I do not golf ,  I smack balls  for the dog, he brings them back.  I fear for his life if he ever learns that we live next to a golf course,  such behavior is not universally appreciated. ]  It was a great blue sky day. We were going into work a bit late that day as we had evening appointments . there was no big hurry,no rush, life was fine.  My wife,  who was at the time a Fox news junkie,  came out and said,”  Will, you’ve got to see this ,  a plane hit the Twin Towers.”   My first thought was that a Timothy McVeigh  wanna be  in a Piper Cub  made a statement, and that Christians would be demonized.   I came in to watch and saw the second plane hit, ” live and in action”.

It is an amazing age we live in.   I saw The Challenger disaster ‘live,  I  saw the Twin Towers  attack,  live.  I fear what else I see in the future.  I wonder how the ancestors of the Faith interpreted Rev. 11.

9Those from the peoples and tribes and tongues and nations will look at their dead bodies for three and a half days, and will not permit their dead bodies to be laid in a tomb.”

As a modern Christian, I see a ‘live feed’ of the bodies laying in place broadcast around the world.  Billions will see them arise at the Call of God. ‘Live and in color’.

As horrible as the impact of the hijacked jets was,  the collapse of the towers was the emotional ‘coup de gras’.  I looked at  my wife and said,  “I just lost a couple hundred brothers.”  I was off by a bit,  in mere moments we had lost 341 firefighters and 2 paramedics,  23 NYPD, and 37 PA cops.  I know  the estimated death toll was 6000, a horror for each family,  but I relate to the emergency responders on a different level.  We are family.

We never did go to work that day, we watched Fox and MSNBC , searching for information, prayed for Firefighters and their families, and were generally stunned.  It was a day of sadness and defeat.  Somehow however, it was all two and a half hours away, [that  is how we measure distance around here, in drive time] and was slightly unreal,  as if you could go to bed that night, and wake up to a new reality, finding it all just a nightmare.

It came home, and touched me where I  live,that night.  There is a lovely night sky at stately Willohroots manor, with just a hint of light pollution to cloud the sky in the East from the city of Scranton,  the darkness of the night sky  above Appalachian chain here in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania, at an altitude of 1500 ft.  provides a wonderful observation deck for the canopy of stars and planets above us.  some people have a prayer closet, and if that works for them fine, but I have found I need as little material separating me from God as possible.  I have a prayer yard.  Looking up at the wonders of the heaven, knowing it was all created by God, and that He knows the stars by name and put each in the right place and that the light from some of them have been on the way to my eyes for millenia, and yet God is no older now than when He created them, well, it all combines to quell even my giant ego and put me in the proper mood to pray.  I was in need of prayer that night,  fearful of our future as a nation, of reprisals, frustrated that I had nothing to offer to help my fallen brothers, emotionally drained and looking forward to the embrace of my God.

As i looked up into the clear sky, something struck me as very wrong.  It took a few minutes to process,  but there were no aircraft.  I live under a fly zone, a highway in the sky.  Wilkes-Barre Scranton  Airport is used as a radio beacon for fly over traffic, and is relatively busy on it’s own.  That night , and for a few nights after,  for the first time in my life, there was no air traffic.   I looked up at the sky as did Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.  I looked at a sky devoid of modern travel, I looked at the sky as Jesus and the Apostles did,  nothing up there of man,  only what God hath wrought.

So every night, as I take the dogs out and look up,  I  count two to five aircraft, most way to high or distant to hear, and I remember 9/11/01.  Each evening is a reminder that it will take very little to wipe the tracks of man from the world,  very little to change our way of life permanently. Every night I think of the  war radical Islam is bringing against us,  the horrible casualties thereof, and the uncertain future of my children.

I know God is everywhere,  but above the circle of the earth,  above the atmosphere we use for life and air travel,  outward of the globe of strife and conflict where Satan is, for a time,  allowed to act as a rogue Prince,  is a universe, imagined,  designed,  built, and maintained by a God of Mercy and Order.  It is so good to know that He will eventually ,  in His good time,  bring Order and Justice  to reign in peace here, on our little dot spinning round at the edge of the Milky Way.

Every time I look up now at the night sky I say, ” Come quickly Lord!”. Until then, I hope that my children will see planes when they look up at the night sky.  May they fly in peace untill He comes.

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Great thoughts, Will.

It is a scary world. Lots of evil in it.

I find myself praying for the Lord to come, as well.

He will.

Until then we live, love, laugh, cry and pray.

And tell others of the wonderful thing the Lord has done for them.

Thanks, Will.

Comment by theoldadam

I worked 10 min from DFW. We heard them all coming in, and then nothing for days. It was also my granddaughter’s first birthday.

In November of 2001, I promised God if He would build the hedge, and teach me how, I would stand in the gap for my country. God takes a promise like that seriously. I’ve almost forgotten what a “comfort zone” is.

Comment by Shawn W

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