Forgiveness Plea
October 20, 2009, 08:11
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repentI repent!  In trying to make a point about division , I caused it!  Please forgive my lack of tact,  it is no secret that I have the subtle charm of a buffalo in a bakery.  No more allusion and tongue in cheek, it hurts when I bite down!

I must remember that we speak of serious matters and these are serious times.  I have learned that Justin has taken 20 lbs. of candi- corn and gone off to the desert.  I hope he will not harm himself or others.

Seriously, I might kid you, but I would never hurt you!  Sorry if some of you all got offended.  I might be stupid, but I am trainable!

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Poor Will! It’s awful when a playful nip is taken for a bite.

Comment by Shawn W

We do not “ONCE” repent…but “we” continue to repent. This is a good sign…brother Will:)

Comment by Ike

Where are you from? I went through PA on my way home from WV. I finally got to try PA’s famous Yuengling. Been enjoying reading your blog, learn a lot.

Comment by Jason

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