Holy costume party Batman!
October 31, 2009, 17:46
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I just got something sprung on me, the AA meeting I wish to go to to support and celebrate at is a costume gig.  I found a Hawaiian shirt,  a bible, and a cup from Starbucks,   any ideas?


I know, I am going as,,           Rick Warren!

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I’m a little disappointed….thought you would have grown a beard and speak a little King James:)

Comment by Ike

Ha! Ike I am 53 yoa and have a mustache but I am incapable of a beard. Must be the Welsh blood.
some people actually heard of Warren. See why i don’t get out much? Have a great Sabbath!

Comment by willohroots

We joke that the official uniform for a Calvary Chapel pastor is a Hawaiian shirt.

Comment by Dorci

ps..I go to a Calvary Chapel, so I’m not pointing a finger and laughing, just teasing. 🙂

Comment by Dorci

you see I have a link to blue letter bible, I love Ray Steadman, ans Chuck Smith. I took the bylaws for Dayspring right out of Penninsula , so I have been very influenced by Calvary Chapel, I listen to Joe Foscht, the Philly preacher. I also do some online classes with BLB.

Comment by willohroots

Well there ya go then! 😉

Comment by Dorci

It sounds like you’re describing Zulu, from the Hawaii Five Oh series. HA! Ha!

Comment by Tom Fireball

Oh man! I could have put on a pants suit and gone as Joyce Meyers!

Comment by Shawn W

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