Atheist Display At State Capitol
December 24, 2009, 11:48
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This cheery little poster was placed right next to a nativity scene at a County Courthouse.

In America everybody gets freedom of expression.

With rights, come responsibilities.  I would not place a Christian symbol right next to a faith group that might find it offensive.

If this thing were any closer to the manger it would have been leaning on the crib.

Don’t you think the Atheists should put out something that really shows what they believe in?  I think they should.  They should put out… nothing.

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“The FOOL says in his heart, ‘There is no God.'”

Funny how they go to such lengths to try to disprove something they don’t even believe in. May God’s lovingkindness open their unbelieving eyes and shine his truth into their hearts.

Merry Christmas, Willoroots!

Comment by Dorci

The Bible does not recognize “athiests” as far as I can see. God haters…..but not athiests.

“Everyone” wants to go to heaven….they just don’t want God to be there!!

Have a blessed Christmas brother Will:-)

Comment by Ike

I have never understood the athiest’s need to prove the Christian wrong. Who is it they are really trying to convince?

Comment by Shawn W

Themselves. 😉

Comment by Dorci


Comment by willohroots

maybe a civil rights point. If atheists and winter solstice worshipers can express their “faith,” then so can we.

Comment by Marianne

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