Deliver us from our daily bread?
February 3, 2010, 23:58
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Slices of...poison?

The new year started of with a new challenge at stately Willohroots manor.  My beautiful wife began 2010 with hives, and an itchy rash.   Using a food journal, we found out that bread was causing a reaction.  Doing research we learned that not only bread but all wheat products contain a protein called Gluten.  Gluten is the lovely Dawn’s kryptonite!

This has been a learning process.  Early into our adventure I poisoned her with soy sauce,  since then every ingredient is checked out for this vile substance!  We found “bread” she can eat, “bread made out of…..rice.  Same with noodles.  All wheat products are forbidden.

Live and learn.  Now we are praying, “Give us this day protection from bread”.

The good news is we figured it out and Dawn is doing much better, in fact many “mystery ailments are fading or gone completely.  Who would have thought pasta would be intolerable to my Italian woman!

Thank God for His guidance,and finding the source of misery quickly!   Perhaps we will both lose some weight, as eating out at a restaurant is out,  and I am learning a new way to cook for her.

Anybody have an Idea for communion?  Matzo bread is out!

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My prayers are with you both. I understand a little of what you are going through as we had to remove all lactose/milk from our middle son’s diet a year or so ago and Amelia has been on a pre-diabetic diet for the last few months. I did a little digging on your question about Matzah and found a possible solution for you.

Comment by jeofurry

Found one more link that might be more helpful.


Comment by jeofurry

Thank you so much. I just made rice noodles.

Comment by willohroots

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