You Tell Me, no really, Tell Me.

Here is your chance.   I want to be a good pastor.  It is feed back time.  Advice,  don’t do’s,  are welcome from pastors and parishoners.  Let me know and all will be prayerfully considered.  We are a church of around 40 people and growing as a new start.  Get your opinion in early.

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Pastor Willis,

If you can stick to your thoughts in “What Church Should Be…”, make them contagious, create evangelists of God’s love with that ethic – well, my dear man, I believe God will grow a testifying church where you and your people are gathered. While I cannot be sure, I think God would proclaim, “Look! Look! This is what church was meant to be.”
May God continue to bless you, yours , and your efforts, Brother Willis.

Comment by Rev Andy Little

Just be real man. Confront things in a godly and biblical way. Don’t just pull crap out of your butt. Nobody respects that.

That’s all I look for in a pastor. Someone that is real, honest, and trustworthy. If you can get those three things down. You’ve got my vote.

Comment by trumpethope19

Hope, your comment gives me a visual image of a monkey. All that is left is to fling the crap through the bars. i will avoid this.

Comment by willohroots

What? How does that even remotely remind you of a monkey?

Comment by trumpethope19

Hope and Will,
Between your two comments, I just had a Wayne’s World flashback. : )

Comment by jeofurry

As for actual advice, I may not be the best one, since I am pretty new at the pastoring thing and in a church of similar size with a more established footing, but I am finding that the number one thing I can do is just love the people that God has given me in the church. I preach the word with conviction and love the best I can.

Comment by jeofurry

Don’t let anyone or anything make you insecure. God put you there, and if your season there ends God will let you know. I’ve seen too many pastors ruin it with their own insecurities.

Comment by Shawn W

Don’t let there be a difference between Will and Pastor Will. Be yourself at all times!

Comment by codyknutson

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