The Culture Wars, I Refuse to Surrender.
June 16, 2009, 18:23
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The Cross and the Flag , not Mutually Exclusive

The Cross and the Flag , not Mutually Exclusive

I have been told by preachers , politicians, and many Christian Bloggers, that the culture wars are over and WE LOST.  In every war I have read about  there are a few hold outs who refuse to drop their arms and submit.  I join the ranks of those who become resistance fighters in hope, however slim of a turn around in fortune and an eventual victory.  Even if victory is impossible I will still continue to fight until  my commander and chief calls me home.

I think the reason so many feel the war is lost is that our leadership has been so horrible.  We did not choose our battles well.  Large formations of well meaning Christian soldiers fought in vain over issues that were a diversion from the real battle.  The issue was never Democrat or Republican, it was family values versus blatant filth. Instead of marshalling the troops and training them to attack only the worse most obvious examples of darkness and sin, we boxed at shadows and made great mountains out of ant hills, while the problems of our culture worsened.  Did we really think ‘ Harry Potter’  was the worst thing that could happen to our children?  Western civilization  has had witch stories since before The Brother’s Grimm  collected them.   We can show kids movies about a talking cucumber, but stay away from magic!  Friends, talking cucumbers are not of God!

Why were we so upset that Disney had Gay Day?  If we were not going to attend that day what do we care?  And what is the difference between Disney movies and Harry Potter?  Big Blue Genies may look cute, but the dijin are fallen angels.  The movie ‘Pocohantas’ shows my ancestors digging for gold teaching children that the Pilgrim fathers came here to despoil the land, the truth is they wanted a Puritan  State.  Is that what we were going for in the culture war?  If I boycotted everything that did not think and act in a way that met my approval I would be a Robinson Crusoe on an island of  my own isolation.  How does that move the war ahead?

Our generals missed the main camps  of the enemy.  Drugs have been and still are ripping our culture apart.  How many can name the great Christian battle against them?  Did we offer prevention programs in schools?  Pizza parties for youth groups were designed more to boost our numbers, however well that worked, than to broadcast the dangers of drug use and provide coping behavior for an entire generation.    Alcohol destroys families, kills youth and wastes life, yet few churches joined the battle even as far as hosting an AA group.  Marriage success runs fifty- fifty even among the church, so  while we have talked about the problem we do not seem to have had much impact, even in our own ranks.  We seem to be better at uniting against an issue than forming a coalition for anything.

One great problem we have suffered in the war is fratricide.  The other day I was on a site that just loves to pick on Mark Driscol.  You may not like him or want him for your Pastor, that is your choice, but if your biggest enemy is Mark Driscol, you need to look around a bit more.  People who love Jesus pick on Billy Graham,  John MacArthur, the Internet Monk, and you and I when they get a chance.  After the name of Jesus, all those mentioned are fallible.  Are you surprised?  only the Savior is without fault, and if we dig enough we will find something to complain about in all our brothers and sisters.   Hold your fire!  Our ranks are thin enough.

So as a surviving warrior I make my stand in the jungle of America.  I love the values with which I was raised.  My elementary school dismissed for Wednesday morning church school in good weather. We would go to the closest Protestant or Catholic  Church for Bible study or CCD according to our denomination.  Some students stayed behind and played ball, nobody judged.   We began the day with The Pledge of Allegiance.  Why not pledge allegiance to the Government in a government school?  We had a moment of silent prayer.  I have visited schools over the last thirty years.  There is no silence, ever.  I am not a barbarian for valuing this.

I still think taxes higher than a tithe are wrong,  that abortion is awful and all too much turned to in our country.  Using abortion as birth control is abhorrent to me, but signs in churches,  “Unwed Pregnant Women Welcomed and Supported” are not to be found.  Legislation is not an answer,  propagation of a culture of life is.  I find most songs on some radio channels offensive, and no Britney, I could care less where Amy is.   I do not like Gay Pride Parades,  but what adults do in private is of no concern or interest to me.   Forbidding someones closest friend and partner full access in medical emergencies seems barbaric.  Anyone who pays rent and maintains a property has a right to live in it.  Christians do not need to accept sinners behavior, but we do need to be understanding, as we know we too have fallen short of the Glory of God .

I do not wish to turn the clock back to the fifties or the sixties, I seek only to have my point of view accepted, as I accept the point of view of others. So  quit if you want but for me the struggle goes on.  My role model  will be Hiroo Onada.  He was sent to war in 1944 and continued his struggle until 1974, until his commanding officer told him to stand down.

onoda-Hiroo my HeroCan I do less?  Do I have less faith and desire to obey my maker than this good soldier had to obey his superiors?  I was told to ‘Fight the Good Fight’  and I will do so till ordered  differently.

If  Hiroo can hold out in the jungles of Guam for 30 years I can fight a bit longer  here in Pennsylvania .

It would be easy to call Hiroo a fool, to ridicule him for being overly zealous,  but he earned my respect,  and although I think he was on the wrong side supporting  a racist Imperialistic government that  am thankful was defeated, he did his job, and then some.

28n_onoda_narrowweb__200x226 Hiroo’s commanding officer assists his surrender after 30 years.

Will my commander be as proud of me?  Put me down as an armed belligerent,  a guerrilla fighter.  I will use my voice and my vote to the best of my ability in the hopes of someday hearing” Well done, my good and Faithful servant.”  I will continue to shine the Light of the Cross that I love on the Flag of the country that I love, and pray that the pendulum will swing back to a more moderate, less secular state of affairs in the United States.  Call me an optimist or a fool, but surrender is not an option.

The Church as seen by a Ret. Vol. Fire Chief


It has pleased God to provide much of  my training needed to pastor Dayspring Bible Chapel in fire-halls and in fire service.  My leadership skills with volunteers [ still needing much improvement] , my teaching style, my counseling and discipline abilities were all honed in Fire Service at Mt. Zion Bicentennial Fire Dept.  To me this makes biblical sense.  Moses was trained as a shepherd,  Nehemiah in a king’s court, Luke in study to be a physician and many more examples.  God is a master of cross training.  

Moving from Fire Service to His Service I  have noticed a lot of  comparison points where churches fall far behind firefighters.  One area not lacking is technology. Churches use PowerPoint and email and websites, burning DVD’s of services and using audio visual aids with cutting edge science.  This is an area in which I admit Dayspring is far behind.  Other areas in the visible church could learn much from your local fire department, and my suggestion is we emulate or at least learn from America’s Bravest:

  • Mutual Aid,  one company calling and receiving assistance from others
  • Member Retention,  recruiting is fine, but keep what you have
  • Leadership Hierarchy, know who is in charge of what
  • Buddy System,  a pair beats high card every time
  • Personnel Accountability , know who is where and their condition
  • Member Utilization,  everybody works for the common good
  • Pre-Planning,  prepare for the worst, think ahead
  • Bonding in powerful life relationships
  • Community Service,  cat in tree, pool fill, non fire service calls
  • Effective Mobilization, calling out the troops in time of need
  • Fellowship in leisure activities,  work hard, play hard
  • Emergency Reaction,  no committee decisions on an alarm
  • Training,  the only usable personnel are trained personnel

Take a look at the picture above. A college age woman is using a Dry-chem portable extinguisher on an imaginary fire.  She has been able to hold the extinguisher, feel it’s weight, hear the sound it makes when it discharges, see its range and operate it in a safe environment.   She has no doubt been taught the mnemonic,P.A.S.S.   Pull Pin, Aim , Squeeze, and Sweep.   Imagine how her success at reducing property loss and mitigating a hazardous situation has been improved by this training.  Experience has taught that well meaning people without training have failed miserably in using hand held extinguishers.  More than one person has dropped a CO2  extinguisher in panic at hearing the loud roar it made when used.  Many frightened people have not pulled the safety pin, and strong men have broken many handles squeezing with all their might against the safety pin.  The extinguishing agent does no good against fire if not directed at the base of the flame from the proper distance.  
For the cost of a refill, $38.00, this woman has been made into a firefighter who could save millions of dollars.  No doubt she sees now what area the tool covers, and now understands how big a fire may be combated with this device, and has been taught when the battle is worth fighting and when to bail out.  An extinguisher in the hands of a trained person is a firefighting tool. An extinguisher without training is a red can on the wall that pleases insurance companies and  is usable only as a door stop.  

At church and in His service we fight the very flames of Hell.  How much training do we provide?  Pastors have seminaries  [I have deep rebellion issues on this one that I will get to later] , Lay leaders have conferences, but does the guy or gal  in the pew get training?   Training applicable to real world scenarios?  It just does not seem so. Here is a great read by Willohroots commenter Michael Bell, found on the Imonk site where we met.

“As noted earlier, before the age of 24, most of those who will leave have already left, whether they be Catholic or Protestant.”

Mike points out What is happening, here is my take on Why: They are untrained.  Putting a firefighter in a position of danger without proper training and equipment is a recipe for disaster.  Best case scenario, he will quit the service  feeling he is a coward and a failure, or worst case, he will die.  The church is too often presented as an island of comfort, a refuge from a world of sin, a safe society where sin is presented as “their” problem and we claim to have overcome.  When a young adult is loosed into a world of all nature of sin the flames are too much and the options are either to beat  a hasty retreat or be consumed.  There are some time honored training methods available to us, and we need to teach and preach them if we are to succeed. Here are some areas that we need to address:


  • Witnessing,  not tracts, not acting plastic, but sharing Jesus in a real and meaningful way.
  • Confronting sin face to face, retreat is not the only tactic.
  • Preparation for condemnation from the world , it is going to come, be ready, your professors [most] think we are crazy.
  • Real world issues are not black and white: divorce, sex, drugs,etc,  must be understood – not simply condemned.
  • History of the Bible and the Church, in truth, warts and all,  knowledge is power and many of our youth are powerless.
  • Evils of the Church,  we are His bride, but we have messed up a lot, from crusades to defense of slavery, the truth is good to know.
  • Denominational Distinctives,  we do things differently, get used to it.  Sure ,’we are right and they are wrong’, but God forgives [whoever we are].
  • Sin.  Sin is fun in the short term. Admit it and do not fear, we face nothing alone, He is there.
  • Forgiving, forgiving , forgiving


The church has a choice, to be a a life raft floating on the sea of society, tossed by the waves and adrift, or a surf rescue society, trained people with a mission deliberately putting ourselves in harms way , with purpose and mission , to head out into danger for the purpose of rescuing the lost and drowning.  We can be strictly a social hall, offering a nice place to have fellowship, or with training and the weapons provided by God,  rolling out with a higher purpose, saving the lost from the flames that never die while keeping each other as safe as possible in a hostile environment. 

We were saved to serve, not sit.  Our service cannot be done without preparation.  Next post,  Training.  What say you? Are you trained?  Have you been to some good classes?  Share, we all need to keep sharp.

Fred Phelps banned from UK
May 6, 2009, 06:05
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One of 22 banned from entry to United Kingdom

One of 22 banned from entry to United Kingdom



On more than one occasion Fred Phelp’s behavior has caused me to wish Baptists had a Bishop in the hierarchy, or at least a hierarchy.  Baptists love and support the independence of the local church, so there is no one who has the authority to defrock the disguisting, or remove the tinfoil hat wearing idiot as long as there is some sort of group willing to gather in front of the pulpit.  

Fred is the guy with the “God Hates Fags” signs.  He is the guy that takes a crowd of like-minded [? mind?] folk to protest at the funerals of soldiers who died in service to our country.  He is the guy some folk think of when you say,”Baptist”.  Fred founded the Westboro Baptist Church where I am told a bunch of his relatives and a few odd ducks manage to miss the whole point of the greatest teacher of love the universe has ever seen.  

So the United Kingdom bans this guy, his daughter Shirley Phelps-Roper, a hamas terrorist , and  nineteen others from entry.  Here it is fron The National Post>>

Britain has blacklisted 22 people from entering the country, accusing them of fomenting hatred, glorifying terrorism or being capable of inciting ethnic violence in the country.

 A list of 16 of the people was published yesterday to “name and shame” them, according to Home Secretary Jacqui Smith.

 The list included U. S. conservative talk-radio host Michael Weiner — also known as Michael Savage–Fred Phelps, a U. S. anti-gay activist, Hamas lawmaker Yunis Al-Astal, Jewish extremist Mike Guzovsky, former Ku Klux Klan leader Stephen Donald Black, neo-Nazi Erich Gliebe, and several Islamic preachers.

The frustrating part of the story is that Fred gets international publicity.   Isn’t that the way it goes?  Some guy like Jeofurry  who preaches his heart out and works for flood victims, and spreads the love of the Gospel will be known by a few of us, Fred gets mega multi- media press. Where is the Baptist Pope when you need him!?  Can the name Baptist be copyrighted so there is a brand name recognition issue?  If you were trying to pass kookie-cola off as Pepsi a team of lawyers would have your lunch and the brown bag it came in. Mr. Phelps can use the name baptist and we have no recourse , and don’t get me started on that title Reverend that he uses. 

Fred will not land at Heathrow

Fred will not land at Heathrow

Free speech is to be supported. Mr. Phelps is entitled to every wacko thought in his head, and to open up his mouth to speak such drivel.  My issue is that to use the name of the historically most tolerant religious denomination as he does, to speak for my Lord Jesus as he claims to , and to call yourself a minister of God as you are the world’s worst witness of His Love, does damage to the Kingdom that surely makes the devil smile.  Those of us who claim to speak for God as prophets, or speak the Word of God need to tremble in fear that not only what we say, but the way we say it, is pleasing in His sight .  There are far more glorious places than England to be banned from.

SBC ANNOUNCEMENT [or alphabet soup]
February 3, 2009, 18:59
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The SBC announced through the NAMB that the BF&M will be available 24/7, am/pm/ , to the members of the NEPBA and other groups within the Pa./NJ  BCC .  Also the NASB and ESV will be available for ESL classes ASAP.

Also the SBC will ask the WMU and CBF to watch their P’s and Q’s .

Be advised the IMB states the GSEC in the GAP motivates the CPMS according to the ASR.

Most important the NAMB needs to seek the AWOL church member’s POV,  PDQ,  before they are SOL.

Avoid Guilt By Association, be a NINNIE
December 13, 2008, 10:16
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How to avoid  Guilt by Association be a Ninnie!
 I am going to become an Neo Independent Nondenominational Neighborhood Isolationist Evangelical. That would be NINNIE, for short. I will stop reading ANYONE’S books, blogs or articles. I will associate with no one and go no where. That way nobody can GBA [guilt by association]  me. Actually if somebody does, I won’t know about it.

All my fellow Ninnies will meet to worship in individual cubicles, so as not to associate with each other. We will deny membership to anyone who would want to associate with us, or anybody else.
We will practice 5th degree separation, refusing to associate with anyone who CONSIDERED associating with anyone. By the way 3rd degree separation is refusing to associate with Masons and 4th degree separation is refusing to associate with Knights of Columbus.
You will not be able to accuse us of preaching prosperity as we will reach no one, and to avoid conflict we will have no ministry. We will be against both out reach and impact.
It is not hard to be a Ninnie, just hard to be friends with one. For more information on the NINNIE movement don’t dare contact me or any of us, we will not associate with any of you, we just don’t know with whom you have associated.

Herman and the New Ticks
December 13, 2008, 09:56
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Here is a band that is the favorite of many diverse groups!  You can take lyrics that are thousands of years old, and put a fresh new twist to them!  Herman and the New Ticks can play at your group and justify your particular weirdness from scripture, even if it is a bit of a stretch!  Herman  and the New Ticks is available for booking thru any M.Div call early.

   Book now and Herman himself will prove with out of context verse anything you want him to!  Also available The Lee Galists,  the group that sings those old time favorites, “You’re saved when I say     you’re  saved!”  And don’t forget ,”I’m Holier than Jesus , and I’m humble too.”