Guilt by Association [GBA]


December 13, 2008, 10:16 am | Edit this
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How to avoid  Guilt by Association be a Ninnie!
 I am going to become an Neo Independent Nondenominational Neighborhood Isolationist Evangelical. That would be NINNIE, for short. I will stop reading ANYONE’S books, blogs or articles. I will associate with no one and go no where. That way nobody can GBA [guilt by association]  me. Actually if somebody does, I won’t know about it.

All my fellow Ninnies will meet to worship in individual cubicles, so as not to associate with each other. We will deny membership to anyone who would want to associate with us, or anybody else.
We will practice 5th degree separation, refusing to associate with anyone who CONSIDERED associating with anyone. By the way 3rd degree separation is refusing to associate with Masons and 4th degree separation is refusing to associate with Knights of Columbus.
You will not be able to accuse us of preaching prosperity as we will reach no one, and to avoid conflict we will have no ministry. We will be against both out reach and impact.
It is not hard to be a Ninnie, just hard to be friends with one. For more information on the NINNIE movement don’t dare contact me or any of us, we will not associate with any of you, we just don’t know with whom you have associated.

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Wish I had thought of this. 🙂

Comment by Shawn W

I would be a NINNIE not to avoid GBA but to avoid wrong people, hateful people, harmful people…all people, really. This is actually a great movement and I look forward to starting. By myself and with no one else, of course. I will hold meetings with just myself at a time and location which I will not tell anyone. I will associate with only myself and therefore never be confronted by lunacy or ridiculousness. I like it.

Comment by TabithaWynne

This is great!

Only, the really sad thing is that it is a little too realistic.

Why do we so often think we need to hide off by ourselves in pristine ivory towers in order to keep from being stained by the world? I keep thinking that if we have a relationship with the Lord, and the living water of Christ flowing out of us, the “world” won’t have a chance to stick…

Comment by Heather

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