I wish I were a Triune Being

I know I was created in the image of God and was created tripartite; body, spirit/mind,  and soul.  Just like God, The Holy Spirit, and Yeshua Messiah. Well, not just  like, God is a unity.  He is one Being in three persons.  Triune means tri- unity.  As for me,  the three parts to my existence just do not get along.  I am more like three beings in one person.

My soul is in love with God, my body is in rebellion to God, and my spirit gets depressed about it.   Don’t get me wrong we three have occasions where we are all happy together, but there are times,  all too often when  the three elements of my being just do not get along.  My body is very bossy.  It tells my soul that fasting is to be delayed and offers feasting to make my spirit glad. This same feasting depresses my spirit when the body looks in the mirror. 

This happens in time of conflict also.  My soul wants to love the opponent,  my spirit wants to pray for the opponent, and my body wants to shake the opponent,  throw him to the ground and arm lock him into submission.   Sometimes it is a coin toss as to who wins, but as I age and grow closer to God the body is being relegated to third place.   This is not the object of my desire.  I would like to make my body an acceptable sacrifice to the Lord.  I would like my body to be a fit tabernacle for the Holy Ghost.   I would like to have some triunity.

I am glad my life is not over.  I would not like to report in to God like this.  I pray for some more time, a lot more Grace, and hope to give Jesus a victory in full.  I am not sure I can be a Meatloaf  Christian, you know, “Two out of three ain’t bad”.

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Well put. I will do some more reading on your page as I get the chance. Have a great day!

Comment by cbraper

im curious about this. where in scripture does it describe man as tripartite?

Comment by graceshaker

Certainly the statement,” thou are a tripartite being” is not to be found. Then again, you know how the case is built for a tripartite God. I know we are in His image, so therefore also triune. I see that we have a body. the biblical references to soul seem to my humble opinion to differ from the biblical references on spirit. Nobody can be poor in soul it seems, but I have been poor in spirit on occasion.
This is a personal opinion I have held for a while, I would not rest my Salvation on it, I will rest that on Jesus alone. This theory explains a lot to me, as in broken spirited , or seemingly spiritless human, who no doubt have a soul.
In Hebrew Ruwach, is breath, wind or spirit
Nephesh is the word we translate soul, means inner being of man. So there I go.
Please feel free to disagree. I haven’t found ant large wholes in my logic, have you?

Comment by willohroots

I have been praying about this for sometime now. According to the Bible, I believe the same as Pastor Doug explains it well. http://www.truthaboutdeath.com/

Comment by Darrell

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