Response to, “they were just buildings”

A well meaning preacher, [I must believe this], posted a poem I can not reread, that said in essence ,”We attacked two nations and all ‘they’ did was knock down two buildings”.  Cut me and I bleed the blood of a fireman.  Third generation, 16 years a line officer, 10 of those as Chief.  I had to respond,out of duty, love, and brotherhood, so here it is.  I am sharing this written in anger, as a way to vent.  I did not let the sun go down my anger. [barely]


3000 people! this was not a couple buildings, this was an act of Jihad right up there with Pearl Harbor. Jonathan, my brothers are coughing up blood still today from inhaling asbestos and flesh, this was the act of a foreign enemy. Read the Qur’an , it is not at all like our bible, you will see why we were attacked. The bloody truth is America can not come out and say we went to fight extremist Islam in their country, but we did. a lot of them wanted to meet Allah and get 76 virgins, we helped them out. And the governments that we removed killed homosexuals by tieing them down and driving over them slowly with bulldozers in soccer stadiums to the roar of the crowd! they sanctioned Rape squads to punish fathers by raping daughters almost to death! Is this a government you would defend? We did not destroy a society, we toppled a dictator and freed millions of people. Is it not just a shame that women can get an education now in two countries? How Awful. who is it that looks at these people as less than human? only humans can sin, and these people worship sin. Do you teach this Chad, Do you preach this Chad? There was a country that lost a war. Peace came. Part of the peace was ‘do not jerk us around when we come to inspect your stuff” they jerked us around when we went to look at their stuff . They did not surrender the second time, they did not lay down their arms, they fought they died. fools.That is life if you do not like it take it up with God. A couple of buildings! they were my brothers you heartless fool. if we did not react As we did it might have been you next time. How can so many of us sacrifice for a county of blind, heartless fools that do not know what side they are on;. If you lived in a Muslim country they would kill you. Under Muslim law, if you taught about Jesus and some one was converted THEY WOULD KILL YOU. They were my brothers, chad, just doing their job, saving lives. Not buildings. Shame on you, somebody has to say it shame on you, your desire to be politically correct and cool has made you such a Nabob that you don’t even know what side you are on.

343 firefighters lost their lives.  they were heroes.  They can not be forgotten.  Go here , look at their faces.


John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.  My brothers laid down their lives for strangers.  What did Jesus say about that kind of love.

The original posters answer to my comment?  “Jesus said to love everybody”.  The shallowness never ends.   I shared this post with Rob,   to get a brother’s opinion, now here it is for all Y’all.  I am not proud of my anger,  I am proud of my brothers.    

God, please protect the men and women who fight flame and destruction on this earth.  May Your Love Protect them, and may the Holy Spirit bring them to salvation, so that the Flames of Hell will never touch them.   Amen


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Great blog and hope to have some time soon to come back and read more!

Comment by Katie

Written the evening of 9/11/01.

The radio’s playing.
The towers are gone.
The Pentagon’s burning.
We feel so alone.

Missing fire fighters and police officers,
Dear God, the cost.
Our country’s afraid.
Our children feel lost.

So many dead,
We don’t understand.
Our safety is gone,
From this great land.

Our hearts have been broken.
Yet, while we morn,
Patriotism lives.
Heroes are born.

Out of the rubble,
America rises.
Our flags fly proudly.
Our enemies cower.

With heads held high,
And hearts filled with pride,
We shout to the world,
Our freedom will not be denied!

Red, White, and Blue,
In God’s hands we’ll place.
Our faith is still strong.
It can’t be erased.

Copyright 2002 Shawn Williams

Much more than buildings! To this day I can’t speak to anyone in uniform without getting a lump in my throat.

Comment by Shawn W

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