Poor Witness? Here’s your sign.
September 21, 2009, 09:00
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It is possible to be very wrong, even when you are right.

It is possible to be very wrong, even when you are right.

Every once in a while, when I feel tough enough, I  peruse  the other side of the blogosphere,  the atheists.  I do not do it to find someone to argue with,  I don’t feel you can argue someone  to the Lord,  I do it to hear their arguments, and see what they think of us.  Mostly it seems,  they think we are idiots  and sometimes I think they are right.  Not because of our faith, but because of the witness some of our little families show to the world.

Look at the young fellow in the picture above.  Is that the Gospel?  Is that the Good News of Jesus Christ?   Do you see hope for redemption on his sign.  I was once many of the things listed on his ‘go to hell’ placard, and at times can slip back towards a few of them, yet I am not in danger of God’s  Judgement.  That is the Good News.


This will pack them in.  Everyone is welcome to everlasting punishment.  Great.

Church Sign

This one ticks me off!  Sure God was the one who said water would not  be compressible, but He never said to build  hotels on the sand.  Actually I remember something about the solid rock.  Anyway,  If I just lost a loved one to AIDS I would not go here for comfort.  Aids  is spread primarily through behaviors God does not approve of.  Look at the spread of heterosexual AIDS in Africa,  adultery kills.   I have not heard of God starting a war  in the last few thousand years.  I thought dictators and politicians start wars.   Don’t blame God for man’s sins.  What sort of ego do you need to put words in God’s mouth?  I have a fear factor that just would not allow me to do that.


Now there’s a reason to come to the Lord.

olivet_baptist_signI have nothing to say on these two that does not speak for itself.    It is not just church signs.



I don’t know what they are protesting on the top picture, but whatever it is they are really advertising  for it.  The guy on the bottom gets credit for using the word salvation, but salvation is not a right,  AIDS is a plague not a right, and Hell is not mentioned as a right in Romans.   There is a really bad attitude showing here.  This is not   “Come let us reason together.”


Update… This is a spoof picture,  but they did such a good job, people took it as real!  See Chris’s comment below. Sorry Mark O. First of all, maam,  where in scripture do you see the Lord crying over dance. And you sir, I have been married 30 years, I like to dance with my wife, and I can testify with truth that dancing does not lead to sex.  Not always, and in my humble opinion, not often enough.  Using the technology hidden in the basement of stately Willohroots manner I was able to enlarge the book the man is holding.


This could explain a lot.


You put this on a billboard?  Really?  I read about the challenge, and my wife and I actually participated in ‘The One Day Challenge’ [ hey we are old and busy]  I hear what you are saying, but people judge you by your signs!   This is ridiculous!  You want to challenge the world, try this, challenge them to go without sex for 30 days to discipline the body and honor God.  Might not bring in as many people, you think?


If no one else has noticed, 50% of America is Democrat.  Win an election, lose some souls.  Fair trade?   Somehow I doubt it.


Ah the bumper sticker crowd!  Don’t you love it when they cut you off, or park in three spaces?    I believe I believe  the way this person believes but I bet I get to talk to more people.

Well for all that , these signs are not all that bad,  I would much rather live in a country where I see these things listed above,,,,,,,,,  not the one below.

muslim protestors (1)

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We Christians will see more repentance in our city when our city sees more repentance in us. And we can be honest about our failings, because it isn’t our performance that makes us okay. It’s Christ’s performance for us. That’s the gospel. It’s so freeing.

Comment by Ike


Oh boy.

If we would just take the time to get to know someone a little bit. Just a little bit.

Then we can find out where they are hurting (where they are being had by this world, their flesh, and the devil) and then we can spaek to that pain and tell them of Jesus and what He has done for them. That there is an answer in the One who died for them and who forgives them.

How much more effective that Word would be than a catchy slogan or tryiong to scare someone into Heaven.

Comment by theoldadam


Comment by graceshaker

Modern day Pharisees. “Look at me. I’m so holy and you’re so bad. Don’t you want to be like me?”

Umm, no thanks.

Comment by Shawn W

I had an idea for a slogan: God hates you and has a horrifying plan for your death. It would fit in well here. 🙂

Comment by Steve Scott

A couple of comments. I am guessing that the EA signs are about EA video games, but all I know of EA video games are the EA sports games for PS2 that I play all the time, so I must be in trouble somehow.
I also couldn’t help but laugh at the t-shirts as it reminded me about an old joke that I heard about why Baptists wouldn’t have sex standing up. It might lead to dancing.
Oh, and thank you for unraveling the mystery of why Christians shouldn’t pay attention to Hanukkah; it makes so much more sense that way I suppose. 🙂

Comment by jeofurry

I will pray for your PS2, I am not sure what it is but the S must be for Satan.

How many people would be in our churches, jeff, if the poor witless witness signs were not there. Ike sure said it better than I ever could.
By the way,i retract the thing about the wife and I dancing, we do interpretive motion. We are SBC you know!

Comment by willohroots

I know all about interpretive motion. My last youth group loved doing that and it could be a very powerful tool to communicate in some settings.
I know the signs can be pretty offensive, but I have run into some people who came to the truth of God through just such a confrontational type of witness. It is amazing to me that God can indeed use ALL things to draw men unto Himself.

Comment by jeofurry

I am not a fan of chic tracts, yet i have met people who were touched by them. It amazes me. The Holy Spirit can quicken as He wills. I am a bit worried that some of the people who join a church that has a mean spirited sign will be mean spirited Christians, and i am not sure that that is a true conversion. Joining a group because you have made an intellectual decision may not be a true conversion to Christ. i really don’t know. There is little Spiritual fruit on the religious nut tree.

Comment by willohroots

Hey double check that sign about Youth Specialties leading to hell. I am 100% positive that is Marko (Mark Ostreicher) from YS. My guess is that they were spoofing people who don’t like YS. It’s not meant to be serious. Take a second look then look at his picture.

Comment by chris

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