Men’s Bible Study, Where do we come from?
October 12, 2009, 21:41
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We are starting a new men’s study based on the life of David.  it will take a while to get through it,  and the first stages will be to speak of the early life of David.  Part of the study will be each man sharing how his boyhood was spent.  I thought I might start by sharing mine with you, the Willohroots reader.

redneck_pics_babyI fell to temptation at an early age.

baby smokeOne sin attracts another, and it got worse with age.


I was fortunate that my parents had a second home in the country. It was equipped with all the modern conveniences, so it did not seem like camping.


My dad spent a lot of time teaching me the manly arts.


I did, however spend a lot of time at my school desk.


My childhood companion and only friend was my faithful dog Brutus.


Other than that I was just a normal kid.


I got into firefighting for years, but that was very strenuous, I hurt my back and had to learn to take it easy.

Some time in the late 70’s i saw a sign from God and went into His service.


I am glad to be involved in kingdom growth,  but there is much i need to learn.  For instance, we believe in total immersion, i am just not sure for how long.  Don’t worry, Tyron was revived after only a few minutes of CPR.


Seriously, you may be surprised at how much of this is true.  Somebody really did steal our lawn mower!  In the meantime, I need to get to Neal Bortz and find out how so many photos from my family album ended up on his site with the word redneck written on them!


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Thank you! I so needed a laugh tonight.

Oh! I think we might be related.

Comment by Shawn W

LOL Will. This was really funny and I was sharing the pictures with my wife. We really liked the 5th wheel “trailer” particularly. And for all of the true parts, it is amazing to think what God uses to mold us and shape us in His time.

Comment by jeofurry

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